After the arrival of Ronaldo, the value of the club increased by 250 million euros

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After the arrival of Ronaldo, the value of the club increased by 250 million euros
After the arrival of Ronaldo, the value of the club increased by 250 million euros (Provided by Sport World News)

Manchester United fans are jokingly talking about how Cristiano Ronaldo has finally returned after a loan - 12 years long. He brought 94,000,000 euros to the club when he left, during his stay at Old Trafford he won a handful of trophies, and only a few hours after his return, the weight of his move was clearly felt.

As soon as United confirmed the return of one of the best football players of today through the official website, the club found itself in pain, but sweet. Too many visits brought down the site, both because of the fans who want to know all the details about the return of their favorite player, but also because of those who already want to buy a new jersey with his name.

The announcement on social networks about Ronaldo's return in less than an hour got 1,000,000 likes. The site of the renowned Sky Sports did not last either. Due to an unprecedented visit, they stopped functioning for a short time.

The Portuguese made serious earthquakes when he decided to change direction at the last minute and returned to the Theater of Dreams. Let us remind you, until today, he was seen as a new reinforcement for Manchester City, but he could not disappoint his beloved club.


Information about the club's shares also arrived from the other side of the Atlantic, which jumped by eight percent from the moment Ronaldo's return was official. When the calculation is finished, it is concluded that the value of Manchester United increased by 250,000,000 euros.

The summer market, which, due to the financial crisis that is shaking numerous clubs, threatened to be one of the less interesting ones, turned into the most exciting in just a few days. Maybe ever. Let us remind you, Cristiano Ronaldo strengthened Manchester United 18 years ago, who then paid 19,000,000 euros to Sporting Lisbon for his services.

In his first term at Old Trafford, he played 292 games and scored 118 goals, and with the Devils he won three Premier League titles, the FA Cup, two trophies in the League Cup, as well as the Champions League trophy. For his return, the club paid 15,000,000 euros to the Juventus account, and the Old Lady could earn another 8,000,000 euros in the name of bonuses.

There is great euphoria in Manchester now, and fans have high expectations after the arrival of Ronaldo. It is certain that his debut will provoke the emotions that United fans had 12 years ago. He could be the figure who will bring trophies to Manchester United

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