Juventus want Hazard after Ronaldo's departure

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Juventus want Hazard after Ronaldo's departure

The football ground in Europe is shaking and it is not calming down yet. Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus and returned to Manchester United - officially. That is why Juventus set out in search of a new offensive player, who could compensate for the performance of one of the best football players of today.

However, finances are a problem, which is why the Portuguese got a permit to change the environment in the first place, so a loan is imposed as the only realistic solution. The old lady will try to convince Real Madrid to let Eden Hazard go.

The roads of the club from Turin could finally intersect with Mauro Icardi. Three more options are in play, claims Gianluca Di Marzio. While the priority is the Belgian and the Argentine, there are three more stikers on the wish list of the Bianconeri leader.

For some time now, there has been an idea to return Moise Kean to the club, who did not manage in Everton. Two home solutions are also being considered - the young Gianluca Scamacca, who drew attention with his games in Sassuolo, as well as his teammate from the Mapei Stadium, Giacomo Raspadori.

Juventus operatives have their hands full. Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford, and the Old Lady had just over four days left to find a replacement. The idea was born for Juve to give Hazard a chance, reports Marca.


Two years ago, the Belgian was paid 115,000,000 euros, but he was the shadow of a player who once captivated with his football skills on fields all over Europe.

He arrived in the Spanish capital insufficiently prepared, it can be said that he was neglected. After securing a transfer to the Royal Club, he allowed himself to come to the preparations with excess weight. Injuries followed.

They lined up one after the other. The impression is a consequence of inadequate physical fitness. It turned out that the player that Florentino Perez had been trying to move to the Bernabeu for years was a failed investment.

He was brought in just to make up for Ronaldo's performance. It goes without saying that he failed. The arrival of Kylian Mbappe, which is expected in the coming days, would only further jeopardize Hazard's position at the club.

The Belgian wants to play regularly, but considering everything that happened in previous years and the fact that Real set aside 180,000,000 euros for one of the best players in the world, there will not be much room left for the best player of the English Premier League.

That's why moving to Juve seems like the right solution. The Old lady is still not in a position to buy his contract from Real. They are counting in Turin that the player could convince the club to let him go on loan to Italy.

And that Carlo Ancelotti can continue without a player who has collected 45 appearances in two seasons and scored five goals with nine assists. When we add to that that Vinicius Junior opened the season excellently (three goals in 55 minutes on the field), it is clear that Blancos could "survive" Hazard's departure without any major problems.