Leonardo: "Mbappe wants to go to Real Marid"

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Leonardo: "Mbappe wants to go to Real Marid"

They proved their financial power when they took Neymar, and then Lionel Messi from Barcelona. But this time they seem to have run into someone stronger than themselves. Paris Saint-Germain's sports director Leonardo admitted that Kylian Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid.

And he adds: PSG will not stop him if he does not want to be there. But they won't let him go if it doesn't pay off financially. The only thing Leonardo doesn't reveal is the amount of offer they would be happy with at Princes Park.

It is known that Real has already sent the first offer in the amount of 160,000,000 euros, and the media speculated that PSG would consider if they received the amount of 200,000,000. "We did not talk much in public on that issue, but our position was always to keep Kylian, to extend the contract.

That has always been our goal, and it still is." "We presented him with two important offers: one two months ago, at the level of our best players. And one just recently, even higher than these players have."

"We wanted to prove to him that he is an important player, at the center of our project, but that he is not above the club ", Leonardo began in an interview for Radio Monte Carlo.

Mbappe refused new contract

Mbappe refused.

Real answered. Leonardo is not happy about how everything went and fiercely criticizes the Royal Club, because he believes that the Spaniards are doing all this with a plan. "Everything seems like a strategy to me, to get a negative answer from us, to show that they have tried everything, and then to wait a year and take him for free."

"Real has been behaving like that for two years, it is not correct, it is even illegal because they have already contacted the player. That is not acceptable for us." "The fact that the offer arrived a year before the expiration of the contract, seven days before the end of the transfer period, is proof that all this is Real's strategy."

"They want us to reject the offer just to show that they have tried everything and to start negotiations for the next season immediately. " The offer of 160,000,000 euros is still on the table. And Leonardo does not hide that it was rejected.

"Yes, we verbally rejected it. But we will not detain anyone. If someone wants to go, and our conditions are met, we will see. However, this summer we had a dream come true with the players we brought and we will not allow anyone to destroy it."

"We see Real's offer as quite far from how much Kylian thinks we are worth today. Also, part of the money goes to Monaco, so this offer is not enough. "