Carlo Ancelotti disappointed after the match

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Carlo Ancelotti disappointed after the match

A spectacular match was played by Levante and Real Madrid in the second round of the Spanish Primera. From the point of view of Carlo Ancelotti, a brilliant first half, after which the Royal Club had a minimal advantage, and then a collapse.

It is not often that Real Madrid concedes three goals in 45 minutes. And there could have been more. "We had the situation under control, but we were too soft in the second half. That is not something you expect from Real Madrid.

We threw two points today," said the Italian. Ancelotti did not take Levante for granted. He warned his chosen ones, but it turned out that they did not take the message seriously before and during the match. "It is difficult to explain.

I told the footballers that even the smallest detail could cost us and that is exactly what happened. We are returning home with a bitter taste in our mouths because we had to take all the spoils after the brilliant first half," concluded the experienced expert.

A minute after Levante turned it around to 2: 1, Ancelotti opted for a triple change. Rodrygo and Asensio did not produce a concrete effect, but the introduction of Vinicius Jr. was a complete success. The Brazilian returned Blancos to the balance of results on two occasions.

"I didn't just practice the finishing, but I worked on all aspects of my game in order to turn it into games like this," Vinicius said.

Vinicius' goals

At least half of his first goal was credited to Casemiro, while his mastery came to the fore in the next one.

"We worked a lot in training to get rid of the keeper and I just had a chance to show it when Casemiro sent me the ball. At the second goal I kicked it with a spike." Vinicius did not confirm his intention to hit the far corner in that way, but a look towards the right post, and not in the direction of his teammates immediately after the shot, suggests that he still wanted it.

Although Real Madrid controlled the game in the first half and was better, they still showed that they do not have the strength and mentality as before, which could cost them .. It seems that Ancelotti will have to work on the mental aspect, but his team is not as good as in previous seasons, although the last two seasons were much worse than usual.

Ramos and Varane are no longer here, and that was reflected in the final result. We will see if Real will get in shape during the season