Real Madrid is preparing a fierce attack on Mbappe

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Real Madrid is preparing a fierce attack on Mbappe

The great war is being fought by Madrid and Paris media, much bigger than Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. The topic is, of course, Kylian Mbappe. While assurances are coming from the City of Light on a daily basis that the newly formed dream trio (Neymar - Mbappe - Messi) will not fall apart before playing the first game together, colleagues from Madrid announce a fierce blow to PSG 24 hours before the closing deadline.

AS writes that Real is ready to present an economically "very interesting" offer to Nasser Al Khelaifi and that the credit for that goes to the wise financial policy of Florentino Perez. Let us remind you, the Madridians have not spent a single euro on reinforcements in the last two years, and in the same period, they earned close to 200,000,000 euros from the sale of not so important players.

If we exclude Rafael Varane ... According to the same source, such business enabled the Royal Club to send an official offer of 130,000,000 euros for Kylian Mbappe to Prince's Park on Monday, August 30. It is also stated that Real leaves room for one or two rejections in that way since they are ready to go up to 170,000,000 with offers.

Let us remind you, the contract of one of the best football players in the world expires in less than 12 months, and he persistently refused to extend it.


If PSG definitely decides to keep him, that would mean that they would lose him next summer (and practically already in the winter, because from January 1, he can sign a pre-contract with another club) without compensation.

AS also writes the selling transfers that Leonardo plans to realize by the end of the transfer period play a big role in the whole story. Allegedly, in order to "iron" the books, PSG must collect 55,000,000 euros.

At least. The plan is for Mauro Icardi to leave for 30-35 million and Julian Draxler for 20-25 million. The problem lies in the fact that there are no serious interested parties for now. If Paris manages to sell the two, chances are high that they would take a risk in the case of Kylian Mbappe, keep him, and then hope that by the end of December - and with the help of Neymar and Messi - he could convince him to initiate a new contract.

Otherwise, Real's chances would increase significantly. The Madrid paper then states that Perez trusts in good relations with Khelaifi, that is, in general, very good cooperation between the two clubs. He underlines that Real will not disturb PSG until the end of the game in Reims, on Sunday, August 29, when the national team break begins, and at the same time reveals that Florentino's special envoys advised Mbappe and his family not to advertise until then, so as not to offend the sheiks of Qatar with some clumsy statement. Everything says that a hellish finish awaits us this summer ...