Final offer for Vlahovic: 50,000,000 plus easy bonuses and 20%

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Final offer for Vlahovic: 50,000,000 plus easy bonuses and 20%

There were rumors about an offer of 75,000,000 euros, but the reality is a little different. Atletico Madrid has definitely submitted the final offer to Fiorentina for Dušan Vlahović, and we are just waiting for the "yes"

The world number one among journalists when it comes to football transfers when it comes to Gianluca Di Marzio reveals all the details of Atletico's final offer. The people of Madrid offered 50,000,000 euros fixed for Vlahović, plus 10,000,000 euros through easily achievable bonuses.

Plus 20 percent of the next sale. A five-year contract worth 5,000,000 euros per year net has been agreed with the player. Let us remind you, his salary in Fiorentina is 800,000 euros per season, and he has already rejected the proposal for a new contract worth 3,500,000 euros a year, plus a signing bonus in the amount of 2,000,000 euros.

Unlike Di Marzio, many other Italian and Spanish journalists point out that Atletico's offer amounts to 60,000,000 euros plus bonuses, and some even go up to the limit of 75,000,000 euros. Still, it seems to us that the first version is the most realistic.

What everyone agrees on is that the directors of Fiorentina accepted the offer and that now everything depends on the boss of the club, Rocco Benito Commisso, who arrived from America a few days ago.

Penultimate year

He immediately pointed out that he would not release Vlahović for less than 100,000,000 euros, but it seems that this is just a show for the public.

Commisso is aware that Vlahović has entered his penultimate year of the contract, that there is no chance of accepting a new one and that he will be forced to sell him next summer. And then he will be able to get only half of the money that is now offered to him… Fiorentina has no other choice because the player is firm in his position to make a transfer this summer.

Spanish media report that Cholo Simeone called Vlahovic yesterday, that they talked on the phone and that the player's desire to move to Madrid was only strengthened due to the role that the coach promised him. As in any big business, B variants are mentioned here as well.

Tottenham is interested in Vlahovic if Harry Kane goes to City, while Atletico sees Matheus Cunha from Hertha or Maxi Gomez from Valencia as the B variant. But these are all slightly realistic variants. There are about ten days left until the closing of the football market, Atletico transferred everything to the yard of Fiorentina.

Many in the club's management hope that Commisso will accept the offer from Madrid because it would be by far the biggest sale in the history of the club and a lot of money could be invested in other players.