Zidane supported a project that promotes amateur football with 2 million euros

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Zidane supported a project that promotes amateur football with 2 million euros

Zinedine Zidane supported the "Orange" project with 2,000,000 euros, which promotes the development and progress of amateur football. Through the mentioned project, he had the opportunity to hang out and talk to kids from Castellano and Rodez, his favorite clubs from the south of France, via a video call.

The credit for that goes in large part to the fact that his wife Veronica was born in Rodez. In any case, during the ten-minute conversation, Zidane made sure that the young football players got a memory that they will hardly ever forget.

The story started from his boyhood days, through the greatest moments of his career, and it also went to his biggest football "enemy", and that is not Marco Materazzi. "I did not hesitate to accept another job.

But I also trained judo. At one point, I chose football. If I wasn't a football player, or a judoka, I would be a delivery man, that was my great passion." "In the area where I lived, there were several stores that I helped in that way, "the former Real Madrid coach began.

The kids in the role of journalists were interested in Zidane's memory of the famous volley from the Champions League final against Bayer Leverkusen, as well as the answer to the question of who is the toughest rival he played against.


"It doesn't happen often that you score a goal in the Champions League final. I had the opportunity to do it out of volley, with my left foot. I was overjoyed to have scored such a goal, in such a way. " "Also, there were many solid, strong players, but one is Paolo Maldini.

It was hellishly difficult to pass him ", the legendary Zizu recalled with a laugh, and the answer coincides with the anecdotes that whenever he played against Italy or Milan, he changed the attacking side, so that he would not have to play directly against Maldini.

The memory of the trophy of the world champion in 1998 was also unavoidable. "The main reason we play is to experience such emotions when you have the World Cup in your hands. I experienced many things in my career and life, but the moment I won the World Cup, in the national team jersey, with great teammates, it was wonderful ", concluded Zidane.

It is really great of such a great football player that he wants to invest money in things that are very important nowadays, and that he helps younger generations with his experience.