Jose Mourinho spent the most this summer!

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Jose Mourinho spent the most this summer!

"You can win by investing a lot and that helps because you need players," said Pep Guardiola recently, a few days after the official transfer of the biggest transfer in his coaching career. The owners of Manchester City once again wrote a large check in order to fulfill the wish of the Spanish expert, so that the value of Guardiola's consumer basket exceeded 1,000,000,000 euros.

The Catalan, however, is not the biggest spender in the world of football. That title is held by his biggest rival - Jose Mourinho. At least for a while longer. Rivalry was born in Spain. El Clásico has become more than a meeting of the biggest clubs from the Iberian Peninsula.

Mourinho and Guardiola added a new spice to this duel, which helped them gain eternal glory. Their clashes continued in England as well, it sparked in the Premier League as well. They have a total of 56 trophies behind them (six more Spaniards), they have led some of the generations that will be remembered as the best in history.

The question is where they would be today if there were no rich owners. As Marca writes, they spent "mountains of euros" for reinforcements. Mourinho brought new faces to nine different clubs. From Benfica, Uniao Leiria and Porto, through Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and Manchester United, to Tottenham and now Roma.

Since he did not stay long in Porto, he spent "only" 1,697,000 euros. Roman Abramovich supported him with convincingly the most money - 765,700,000 euros. Admittedly in two terms. He received the most expensive reinforcements at Old Trafford.

United paid Juventus 105,000,000 euros for hiring Paul Pogba, and 84,700,000 euros for Everton for Romelu Lukaku.

Shopping in Roma

He continued with quality shopping in Roma. The owners of the club from the Olympics "respected" him with almost 100,000,000 euros (97,700,000).

A serious sum for Italian football. The most expensive reinforcement of Roma at the beginning of Mourinho's mandate is Tammy Abraham (40,000,000 euros), Eldor Shomurodov was paid 17,500,000, Matias Vina 13,000,000 euros, Rui Patricio 11,500,000 euros, and 6,750,000 euros were set aside for young defender Bryan Reynolds while they receive 9,000,000 euros from the sale of Ibanez The Portuguese is considered the coach who has invested the most reinforcements in history.

All together 1,697,000,000 euros. Pep Guardiola is not far away. Only Manchester City, in the desire to fulfill all the wishes of the Spaniard, set aside 1,042,000,000 euros for new acquisitions. Last season, 68,000,000 euros were set aside for Ruben Dias and it was an amazing job.

The Portuguese was named player of the year in the Premier League, and they won the Premier League. This summer, the border has been moved. Citizens paid 117,000,000 euros to Aston Villa for Jack Grealiish. When everything is added up, no one stood behind Guardiola as Manchester City.

Barcelona brought him reinforcements worth 341,500,000 euros, Bayern 203,900,000 euros. City singled out more than the Spanish and German giants combined. And he doesn't intend to stop