Lukaku: "Inter, it was time to leave"

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Lukaku: "Inter, it was time to leave"

Romelu Lukaku, the new forward for London club Chelsea FC, gave an interview to the British newspaper The Indipendent. In the interview, the Belgian soccer player said: "I think I had to leave from FC Internazionale Milano.

It was also part of my plan to try different leagues. I lived Serie A, a league in which I always wanted to play at some point in the season. my career. The experience in Italy helped me to know what it takes to win and the circumstances in which it is necessary to do it.

Learning to win is basically, it takes you over the barrier. As a coach Antonio Conte really helped me and showed me what it takes to win: we did it with the Scudetto in the second season. Each coach has a different way of coaching, but with Antonio we really learned how to go beyond our limits.

It was like that. In the second season we were much more consistent in winning great games. This made the difference against great opponents. The game is totally different in Italy: very tactical. Tight spaces and in most games you only have one chance.

ility. If you don't mark it becomes very difficult. I also learned to play more with my back to goal and other technical aspects of the game that are really important.

Lukaku: "Inter, it was time to leave"

Most of the time we were with our backs to the door and everything was going through me.

I remember talking to Conte about this and he told me that if I wasn't good I wouldn't play. For me it was a revelation. Once I mastered that aspect, everything became easier for me. The game slowed down and I could control it more by giving more assists.

It was really something I wanted to do and I wanted to experience it in another country, and I think it would be useful for the rest of my career. Chelsea? If you win the Champions League, you have a great team. The manager wanted something different to add to the team than what he has.

I think I'm different from all the players he has. I realized how different people's attitudes towards you are when you win something. In the conversations I've had with Didier Drogba or John Terry or Antonio Conte, respect is different when you start winning.

It was something I really wanted. I wanted so much to win. I went to Inter and then we did it. This is the only thing that matters to me: winning. Scoring goals is great, But winning trophies, that's what sets you apart."