Lewandowski wants a new career challenge!

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Lewandowski wants a new career challenge!
Lewandowski wants a new career challenge! (Provided by Sport World News)

A bomb from Sky Sports. Not for the first time in his career, Robert Lewandowski decided to try again to convince the management of Bayern to allow him to continue his career in another European giant. One of the best center forwards today allegedly wants to find new challenges at the zenith of his career in the last playing years and feel what it's like to play outside of Germany.

The problem is that the contract with Bayern binds him until 2023, and then the Pole will be close to his 35th birthday, and the big question is whether someone would bet on his abilities then. This summer could therefore be the last in which the Bavarians could get huge money for Lewa, but the Germans have no financial worries and a striker who guarantees goals but compensation is more important to them.

Therefore, they are asking for 100,000,000 euros for Levanvodski, who is celebrating his 33rd birthday on Saturday, hoping that he will reject all interested parties with that price. After seven years at the Allianz Arena, Lewandowski does not want to spoil relations with the club in which he gained the status of a legend, so he will not insist on a transfer.

It was rumored that Chelsea wanted him in their ranks this summer as well. He has been on the Blues' radar for a long time, but in the end, they decided at Bridge to return Romelu Lukaku for 115,000,000 euros. However, the Belgian is four years younger.

Thomas Tuchel joked that they wanted both. "We wanted both Haaland and Lukaku, but also Robert Lewandowski to play ten behind them. Unfortunately, the management did not listen to me."


In a year, the situation could be different.

Lewandowski will turn 34, and it would be nice for Bayern to listen to his demands. If he has already informed the club that he would like to change the environment in the next two years, he gave the Bavarians quite enough time to find a replacement and devise a plan on how to move some players to their team.

Indeed, it seems that he did everything with a lot of respect for the club for which he has been playing since 2014 and with which he won seven titles in the Bundesliga, a year ago and the Champions League. Where could Lewa move? Manchester City need a striker and Pep Guardiola knows him very well.

It seems that he will not give over 100,000,000 euros for the 33-year-old striker this summer. One was released in the same years to go as a free agent to Barcelona (Sergio Kun Aguero). Real Madrid? There has been talking of that possibility before, although it seems that the Blancos have different plans.

Florentino Perez's biggest wish is Mbappe, and it seems that he plans to hire Erling Haaland in the future. Will Chelsea be interested next summer? Why not. After all, for a striker who scored 297 goals in 331 appearances in the jersey of the best German club is interesting for any club.