Gomez and Gasperini explained the reason for their conflict!

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Gomez and Gasperini explained the reason for their conflict!

Atalanta has just started to delight and everyone admired the coaching skills of Gian Piero Gasperini and the football skills of Alejandro Papu Gomez. There were few more sympathetic examples in the world of ladybugs. But somewhere in the meantime, relations have deteriorated, so much so that the Argentine football player and the Italian coach are now publicly accusing each other of attempts at physical confrontation.

It began with an interview with 33-year-old Gomez for the Arentine La Nacion, in which he tried to explain how the November breakup with the Goddess came about. It broke in the Champions League match with Midtjylland. And Papu admits that he also bears part of the responsibility because he rejected the command of Gasperini "I was wrong.

I guess it all happened because I didn't listen to the coach's tactical maneuver in the match against Midtjylland. There are 10 minutes left until the end of the first half." "The coach asked me to move to the right, and I did really well on the left.

I refused. I can assume that such an answer, in the middle of the games and in front of the cameras, gave him a perfect reason to get angry ", Gomez started in an interview for Nasion. He was immediately aware that he was wrong.

But he could not imagine how the situation would develop further. "I immediately realized that I would be replaced at half time and that happened. In the locker room, however, he exceeded the measure and tried to physically attack me."

"Then I said: that's enough. We can argue, that's okay, but I can't tolerate physical aggression. I asked for a meeting with President Antonio Percasi and told him that I had no problem leaving it all in the past."

"I realized that I was wrong, that as a captain I did not behave well and that I set a bad example by not listening to the coach, but I also told him that I wanted Gasperini's apology. " However… "The next day, a meeting of the whole team was held.

I apologized to the coach and teammates for the incident, but no one apologized to me." "How was I supposed to understand that? After a few days, I said that I no longer wanted to cooperate with Gasperini in Atalanta.

He told me that he would not let me go and then there was the ‘pulling of the rope’ in which I paid the price. I ended up out of the team. "


Gasperini removed Gomez from the team and did not want to let him move to any other Italian club, and it is no secret that Inter was interested.

"It's bad, after everything I gave for the club. They didn't behave well. The president did not have the courage to ask the coach to apologize to me." "And that's where it all ended. Although that's not all since they closed the doors of the whole Italian football to me because they didn't want me to strengthen the rival teams."

"Thank God that Sevilla has appeared and allowed me to continue to compete at the highest level and strive to perform at the Copa America. That was my obsession. " His wish came true, he played Copa America and won the title of champion.

But he forever ruined the relationship with Gasperini, who immediately contacted Gazeta delo Sport to explain that Papu was in fact the one who wanted to fight. His version of the whole conflict… "Gomez's behavior on and off the field has become unacceptable.

He tried to physically attack me, I didn't." "But the real reason for his departure from Bergamo is that he showed serious disrespect towards the owners of the club ", Gasperini answered.