Mourinho: "The situation about Dzeko surprised us"

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Mourinho: "The situation about Dzeko surprised us"

During the current week, Roma will take the first steps with Jose Mourinho on two fronts, and on the eve of the premiere on the bench of the Roman club, the strategist whose arrival in the Italian capital resonated with the world gave his first interview.

In an interview for the club's website, Mourinho spoke about the preparation period, the transfer period, and the ambitions at the helm of Roma. "I'm very happy, really. We've worked very hard over the past weeks, but it's nice when you have so many people who want to work, improve and have great motivation." "And I'm not just talking about the players, but all those who have been part of this pre-season, "said Mourinho, who pointed out at the beginning of the conversation that he wanted media, conferences, and interviews.

Roma will play their first official duel on Thursday, they will travel to Trabzon as part of the qualifications for the Conference League, and then they will open the championship at home against Fiorentina. "After a lot of work, the moment we all expected comes.

Finally, the important matches are coming. We start on Thursday in Turkey and there is positive pressure that I want the players to have, and certainly, the fans have a lot more fun with real matches as I like to call them.

" The transfer window became unplanned exciting with the departure of Edin Dzeko, but the club reacted quickly after parting with the experienced striker. "I have to say that the management, led by the director and the owners, did a brilliant job.

We started preparations with Dzeko and the situation about him caught us all." "In a difficult financial situation for all clubs, or rather for almost all, on in an incredibly difficult market like today, bringing Abraham after the loss of Dzeko is a real jackpot.



The engagement of the Chelsea striker was made official today, and the Portuguese had only words of praise for the young Englishman. "Wait and see Abraham, I tell you this with great confidence. I know him when he was a boy, although he did not play for me, I know him as a player and as a person." " I know what mentality he has and I am aware of how difficult the decision is for English players to leave This tells me a lot, a lot because when you leave the Premier League you do it because you have ambitions because you want to return to the national team because you want to play the World Cup because you want to succeed outside England where not many English players have had great careers." "He comes with this ambition and that's why we are looking forward to seeing his qualities as a player.

With Tammy, Eldor, and Borja we have a group of strikers who really make me happy." Despite the fact that he has a very young team at his disposal, Mourinho pointed out his competitive ambitions. "We don't have the experience of players aged 30, 33, or 35.

We don't have experiences like Juve with Cristiano, Milan with Giroud and Zlatan or other clubs with players who already have great stability and experience." " We don't have that, however, when it comes to potential, I couldn't be happier than I am with these guys," Mourinho said.