Super Cup: Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich!

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Super Cup: Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich!

As usual, two rivals from the Ruhr and Bavaria will compete for the first German trophy this year. So far, Dortmund has taken the Super Cup five times at the expense of Bayern, and the Munich giant has repaid their rival in four cases, and tonight at the Westfalen, the club from Zebener Straße will try to balance with the Millionaires The season in Germany started a bit unexpectedly.

Instead of the usual glorification of Bayern, which usually starts by "disfiguring" the first rival, there is mostly talk of Dortmund's fantastic superiority at the premiere and five goals in the Eintracht Frankfurt network.

The Bavarians didn't even win in Monchengladbach - although that is not a surprise, considering the tradition - the game worries them much more than the result itself. Bayern could not boast of its recognizable aggressiveness.

Disorganized in defense, sterile in attack, rather idealess. It is true that Gladbach can thank the goalkeeper Sommer for the point, but also the team from Munich should be very satisfied that VAR ruled negatively in two very controversial situations - there is no penalty!

Dortmund as a favorite

Due to all of the above, it seems that the playful Borussia has not been closer to the Super Cup trophy for a long time. Bayern won three of the last four matches in this competition, but it should be borne in mind that the last one played in Westfalen belonged to the Millionaires.

And this upcoming game is being played at the stadium in Dortmund ... Last weekend brought joy due to the start of a new campaign in the Bundesliga, but unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon, the football world was hit by the sad news of the death of the legendary scorer Gerd Muller.

Sadness reigned especially in Munich, where Muller excelled for 15 long years. However, condolences came from all parts of Germany. The best scorer in the Bundesliga in history has left a deep legacy. "Sunday was a sad day for the football world.

Gerd will stay in our hearts forever. He played a lot of great games," said Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. Words of respect also came from Dortmund. "Gerd Muller was one of the greatest idols of my childhood. I was honored to meet him in person and meet him as a humble and pleasant person." "He was an exceptional player and Bayern Munich and the German national team have something to thank him for," said the executive director of Borussia Hans-Joachim Watzke.

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