Bartomeou left a debt of 1 billion and 300 million euros!

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Bartomeou left a debt of 1 billion and 300 million euros!

It is never enough if you do not do business as you need to, and the former management of Barcelona was so arrogant that they left the Catalan club suffocating in debts of an incredible 1,350,000,000 euros! The new president of Barca, Joan Laporta, revealed this at today's press conference at which he accused his predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu that his entire term at the Camp Nou stadium was a big lie, embodied in the fact that he concluded contracts with certain companies divided into several parts., just to bypass internal control.

When the line is drawn: the financial debacle. Laporta claims that out of the total debt, 673,000,000 is the one towards the banks, and 389,000,000 are liabilities to the players. There are also various lawsuits, daughter companies, debts to the fans because of the tickets that were sold even though it was not possible for the matches ...

Barcelona has already spent 79,000,000 euros on TV rights. Only for the salaries of the players, Barcelona has to pay 103 percent of what they earn, which is of course unsustainable in the long run. And it was on the transfers and salaries of the players that all the trouble was done.

Especially when Bartomeu panicked and spent the 222,000,000 euros that the club spent on the sale of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain. "It was spent on overrated reinforcements and salaries. The club simply worked badly ", Laporta claims.


And to make things worse… “The system is set up as an inverted pyramid. Veterans have long multi-year contracts, and young players have short-term ones, which is why negotiations with them are very difficult."

A special part of the problem - the percentage of intermediaries in transfers "They were paid a lot of money. In the case of one transfer of 49,000,000 euros, the mediator received 8,000,000 for the purchase, and another 2,000,000 for the sale… We paid the other person 8,000,000 euros to scout the players in South America ", said Laporta, referring to Andre Cury in this second example.

Therefore, Laporta further claims, the administration simply could not keep Messi, even though they had promised to do so before it came to power. Laporta assures: he didn't know the real situation then. Now the club will have to reorient itself to young players from La Massia, they will not sell Frenkie de Jong, Ansu Fati, Pedri..

But they won't even be able to buy… "Our goal is now to reduce the budget for salaries by 200,000,000 euros… If we manage to release 100,000,000 euros in the budget, we can spend 25,000,000," Laporta concludes.