Napoli is looking for players in Poland

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Napoli is looking for players in Poland

Piotr Zielinski justified each of the 16,000,000 euros invested four years ago when he transferred from Udinese, Arkady Milik cost twice as much in the same transfer window during the transfer from Ajax and confirmed the class with goals, the leaders of Napoli realized that the Poles mean a lot to them.

They reoriented themselves to the Ekstraklasa market to bring reinforcements at a cheaper price immediately than to pay them later to other clubs. Everyone is aware of how much talent there is in Poland and how many such players prove to be one of the best in Europe, just as Lewandowski.

So it is no wonder why Napoli is choosing players from Poland. Therefore, it is not surprising that Gazeta Delo sport informs that the club from the south of Italy picked 19-year-old Michal Karbownik, the left-back of Legia Warszawa, and there are great chances to buy him in the current transfer window.

This is a guy affirmed under the coaching staff of Aleksandar Vukovic, in the championship season of the greats from Warsaw, he played 28 matches, recorded seven assists, attracted the attention of not only the local but also foreign public, as evidenced by the expressed intention of the Neapolitans to hire him.

It seems that Napoli wants to focus on younger players and create a team for the future to be more competitive with Juventus, which is not expected to have such a brilliant season this time as well. Karbownik could be the first step towards forming a young team that Gattuso would form and patiently building a team for the future

7 million euros for Karbownik

The newspaper is looking for specific data, assuring that President Aurelio de Laurentis offered the Poles 7,000,000 euros in compensation, that the talented defender under Vesuvius will earn, for the beginning, 500,000 euros per season, and that the contract will be valid until 2025.

Coach Gennaro Gattuso's first idea was to strengthen the left-back with Sergio Reguilon, although the Real Madrid player is closer to staying in Sevilla (he participated in winning the Europa League as a loan player).

Reguilon is on the radar of Manchester United and it would certainly be much harder for Napoli to buy a player of this caliber if a team that can pay more comes forward. And United can certainly do that. Nicolas Tagliafico from Ajax was planned, but the Argentine costs around 40,000.

000 euros, which is outside the home of Napoli. Domagoj Bradaric from Lille is also on the scanner, and in the end - it seems - Karbownik was chosen. However, as a pledge for the future, which means that the participant in the Champions League will definitely try to bring a recognized name, rather than immediately, in the first season, gamble with a young man from the Legion.

As much as he promised. And it promises. So much so that the Legia allegedly demands as much as 10,000,000 euros in compensation. In any case, the complete deal could not be concluded before September 20, because that is how it suits the Neapolitans due to the "ironing" of the financial books.