Manchester City are not giving up on Kane

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Manchester City are not giving up on Kane

Harry Kane was clear at the start and told the Tottenham management in time that he was fed up with playing at a club that objectively do not attack trophies. The captain of England is already 28 years old and has not won a single trophy, and he is more tired of listening to the empty stories of Daniel Levy about the formation of a team capable of getting involved in the fight for cups.

Kane wants where titles are common. He wants to go to Manchester City. And the Citizens finally decided to go with full force for the signature of the 188-centimeter-tall striker. Almost all England media write that City, two days before the derby of the first round of the Premier League against Tottenham, released a signal that they are ready to increase the offer for Kane.

140,000,000 euros are now on the table, with the details differing from source to source. Namely, everyone agrees on the final amount, but most of those reliable sources write that the Citizens are offering 100,000,000 pounds fixed, or about 117,500,000 euros, as much as, say, Chelsea paid for Romelu Lukaku and City for Jack Grealish.

However, the current English champions would offer Tottenham additional earnings through bonuses. It is estimated at around 20,000,000 pounds, more precisely 23,500,000 euros. All together, therefore, 141,000,000 euros, although some claim that the bonuses could increase to as much as 30,000,000 pounds or 35,000,000 euros.

188 million euros

The only problem is that even that is not enough, because Levy does not want to let Kane go for less than 150,000,000 pounds, or 175,000,000 euros. And his idea is to take the entire 160,000,000 pounds, more precisely 188,000,000 euros, and thus raise Kane to the second place of the highest paid in the history of football, right behind Neymar.

It will hardly happen, but Manchester City is persistent. After all, the Saudi owners of the Manchester club have to respond to their rivals from Qatar for bringing Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain for geopolitical reasons.

It seems that this story related to Kane and Manchester City will last for a long time, but we hope that it will come to an end. If Kane really comes to City, the team will look convincingly the first favorite for the Premier League title.

City's attack would look phenomenal, if we take into account the midfield with De Bruyne and Gunogan, but also the defense with Stones and Dias, City could finally win the first Champions League trophy. But it will not be easy at all