Juventus interested in Luis Suarez

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Juventus interested in Luis Suarez

Andrea Pirlo said that he does not need Gonzalo Higuain, obviously, Juventus needs a classic striker, and after the debacle of Barcelona in Lisbon and the chaotic situation at the club, Luis Suarez seemed the ideal solution to the Italian champions.

Luis Suarez is an experienced striker who could lead Juventus to the much-coveted Champions League trophy. Surely such a striker will make it easier and help them along the way. Just as Pirlo does not count on Pipita, so Ronald Koeman does not see Pistolero in the Catalan team.

Higuain came to Juventus from Napoli when he had a great season in Napoli, scoring 38 goals in 42 games. That bought him a ticket to Turin. However, he was on loan: first Milan and then Chelsea, where he did not leave such a good impression.

Now the club wants to get rid of Higuain and look for a new solution. It is enough for them to engage in top European clubs and take action, and the well-known Italian journalist Gianluca di Marcio assures that he is a great man from Turin and that he is very interested in the engagement of the Uruguayan.

Suarez was one of the bright spots this season but is already entering serious years and Barcelona does not want such players. It seems that their goal is to rejuvenate the team after the debacle of Bayern 8-2. Suarez would be one of the players who would leave Catalonia, and there Vidal, Pique, Alba, Rakitic are also mentioned ...

And that is nothing in dispute. It even seems that the former goal scorer of Groningen, Ajax and Liverpool would easily adapt to the style of football in the Apennines and, in cooperation with Cristiano Ronaldo and Paolo Dybala, lead the Old Lady towards the new Scudetto.

Maybe in the campaign for the long-awaited Champions League trophy.

Taxes in Italy

The realization of the job could be facilitated by the fact that taxes in Italy are lower than in Spain, and that Luis Suarez would do better on that side than during his term at the Nou Camp.

An aggravating circumstance, on the other hand, is the fact that he is still bound by the contract with Barca and that the leaders of the club will try to get as much compensation as possible, although that is not easy to do in a situation when Koeman crossed him out.

In addition, the Uruguayan is allegedly asking Barcelona for severance pay in the amount of 25,000,000 euros, since they are no longer counting on him. Some sources state that there is a possibility that Suarez will leave the contract in that way (valid until June 2021) and sign for Juventus as a free agent.

Which would be an ideal situation for Andre Agnelli. Not for the president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, because he would be left without players and without money, he could even pay the 33-year-old center forward the mentioned 25,000,000 euros.

Juventus has previously identified Edin Dzeko as the first wish instead of Gonzalo Higuain, however, he would have to pay Roma 15,000,000 euros in compensation, and Luis Suarez does not appear on the market every day.