Lukaku has officially returned home! Chelsea is his new club

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Lukaku has officially returned home! Chelsea is his new club

Romelu Lukaku is officially back in Chelsea. For 115,000,000 euros paid to Inter - which is the largest sale in the history of an Italian club - and an annual salary of 12,000,000 euros. The return of the Belgian striker was confirmed by the London club by posting on social media with the message: "Welcome home"

During two seasons at Inter, Lukaku played 95 games in which he scored as many as 64 and scored 16 goals. He is most responsible for the return of the Scudetto to Giuseppe Meazza last season, but due to the financial problems of the Milan club, he is just another one of those who left the champion team this summer.

The salary was crucial, which will be much higher at Stamford Bridge. It jumped from 7,500,000 to 12,000,000 euros. The Belgian could choose where to go, and he chose to return to the club of which he was a member from 2011 to 2014 when the Blues sold him to Everton for 35,000,000 euros (previously, as an 18-year-old, they bought him from Anderlecht for 12,000,000 ).

He did not play in his first term, but now he is projected to help the current European champion defend that throne, as well as to pull the team to the top of the English Premier League. In the meantime, Lukaku was also a player of Manchester United, from which he went to Inter in 2019 for 80,000,000 euros.

To that amount, the club from Old Trafford will now add about 4,000,000, as much as follows from the previously agreed estimates with Inter for the next sale.


Collectively, Lukaku is the player whose transfers were paid the most money ever during his career - 327,000,000 euros.

Before him, it was Neymar with 310,000,000, with PSG only paying Barcelona 222,000,000 for the Brazilian, which shows the consistency of the Belgian giant from season to season. Although he managed to win the Champions League last season, Chelsea struggled with a striker.

Timo Werner annoyed the fans more with misses than he pleased them with goals, while his replacements Tammy Abraham and Calum Hudson-Odoi were also below the level expected from the top players of the best European team. Romelu Lukaku should change that.

"I am happy and blessed to be back at this wonderful club. I have been a Chelsea fan since I was a child. The way the club works fits my ambitions perfectly." "This opportunity came at the right time for me, I think we will achieve a lot of success together." it was the first thing the Belgian said upon his return to Chelsea.