Tuchel: "Kepa's entry was not spontaneous, it is based on statistics"

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Tuchel: "Kepa's entry was not spontaneous, it is based on statistics"

Chelsea won the UEFA Super Cup, and the most deserving for that was Kepa Arrizabalaga. Perhaps more correctly - Thomas Tuchel. The Chelsea coach replaced the goalkeepers just before the penalty shootout and he made a great decision.

If the outcome was different, the songs would be sung differently. But in a situation like this ... Tuchel is a hero. The German points out that the decision for Arrizabalaga to be on goal was not spontaneous. "It was not spontaneous.

We talked about it with the goalkeepers after the match with Barnsley. We relied on statistics. We were well prepared," Tudhel explained. Everything was based on numbers, on a larger sample. That's why he made a change.

"Kepa has the best percentage of penalty saves, the analysts showed me statistics. We talked to the players that this could happen when we play matches according to the knockout system. It is phenomenal how Edouard accepted all that," Tuchel said.

Tuchel had a word of praise for Mendy for his commitment and attitude towards the jersey and colleagues. "This is proof that Kepa is better in penalties. They are team players. Edouard did not let pride overwhelm him when he left the field.

He was happy for the team. And he received it all well for the team," Tuchel said.


He also explained to Arrizabalaga that he would be on the field when the penalty came. "I was ready because I knew what was going to happen.

I tried to be mentally and physically ready. It's not a typical situation, but we got to the penalty spot because Edouard did a fantastic job. In the end, we won and we are happy," Arrizabalaga said. Chelsea won the European Super Cup for the second time in history.

Great start for the Blues and entering the season. After the previous season in which no one expected Chelsea to win the Champions League, it seems that the Blues are trying to surprise many this season as well, although now most are ready for their success.

Tuchel managed to revive the team in a short time and raise the self-confidence of the whole team. In the end, this was shown in the final where Chelsea defended well and where they were tactically prepared so that Guardiola could not find a solution.

Judging by the start, Chelsea could aim for new trophies this season and try to continue their good run. If Lukaku really comes, and apparently the chances are 99%, Chelsea could try to win the Premier League this time as well.