Kylian Mbappe doesn't want to play with Messi ?!

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Kylian Mbappe doesn't want to play with Messi ?!

It all started with disbelief. When it was written that Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Real Madrid and sign for Juventus, everyone shook their heads until the Portuguese appeared in Turin. When it was written that Lionel Messi was leaving Barcelona after 21 years, few people were convinced that it would really happen, so that the Argentine would eventually wear the Paris Saint-germain jersey.

That is why no one should be surprised by the information that the French club plans to make a strong team even more glamorous by bringing in Ronaldo! The news for the column "believe it or not" was placed by the Spanish AS, convinced that Nasser al Khelaifi will do everything to bring Ronaldo to Prince's Park and form the best-attacking trio ever in the history of football.

However, not this summer, but next summer. Yes, then CR7 will be 37 and a half years old, but the president of the club, and maybe some journalists, that does not stop them from fantasizing. The reason is Al Khelaifi's intention to gather Neymar, Ronaldo, and Messi from the podium for the Golden Ball award in 2015 in the same place, in the year when Qatar will organize the World Cup.

Given Qatar's huge money they invested in PSG as a country - directly or indirectly (it is less important ), it is easy to find a connection and interest.


And the road writes AS will be easier than expected. Ronaldo's contract with Juventus expires in June 2022, as there are no indications that it will be extended, he will be the last part of the PSG project Without Kylian Mbappe? It is possible, quite possible, although it is hard to believe in another bomb, this time in the French media.

According to the allegations in the country of the current world champion, Mbappe - rub your eyes well - does not want to play with Lionel Messi !? It seems tabloid from the journalistic point of view and contrary to the sports side's common sense.

Although considering Mbappe's ego has and how much he thinks he is the best in the world, we would not be surprised if there are truths in the claims that Leo's arrival bothers him to show his potential. That is why the story about his departure to Real started.

Again. Mbappe's desire to try out at the Royal Club is boyish and sincere, he vowed that one day he will play at the "Santiago Bernabeu" stadium and maybe he will create an environment for his transfer. First of all, by refusing to sign the continuation of cooperation, knowing that his contract expires next summer and that as a free player he could choose where he will go. And for him, there is only one solution.

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