Messi: "I came to win the Champions League with PSG"

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Messi: "I came to win the Champions League with PSG"

There is madness in front of Princes Park, the best of the best has arrived. Nasser Al Khelaifi's long-term silent suffering finally put on the Paris Saint-Germain jersey. Not so much thanks to PSG, but because of Barcelona.

But now it's not so important. All that matters is that Lionel Messi is there. With a clear ambition: to win everything. "From the first day (when it became clear that he was leaving Barça, last Thursday), PSG has positioned themselves as a candidate.

Of course, it was not easy to agree on the terms." "Thank you to the club for making a great effort and thank you for the welcome. I am extremely ambitious. I like PSG. We are completely ready to try to win all the competitions.

That is my goal: for this club to continue to grow, to win trophies, "Messi said at the official promotion at the Princes' Park. While he was speaking in front of the stadium, a fan party was going on. It has actually been going on for two days now.

Ever since it became clear that Messi would be in Paris. They waited for him at the airport all day, then moved in front of Princes Park. It was worth it. "It's great here. We have exceptional players in all positions, and plus we have brought spectacular reinforcements.

I will play with the best and that makes me happy." "Thanks to the Parisians for the welcome. It was crazy. If something was missing to make me completely happy, then this is the icing on the cake. I hope that in the end, we will rejoice in our joint successes.

" With a team like Mauricio Pochettino have, there will be no excuses. And Messi is especially glad that he will play again in tandem with his friend Neymar. "I already know the players from the locker room. When you look at this team, you see a number of opportunities to achieve the goal.

Both Paris and I are looking forward to the same." "Now that we are together again, I hope we will be even stronger. Neymar, Di Maria, Paredes, I've talked to all of them before. And yes, they all influenced my decision to come to Paris." "Just like Mauricio Pochettino did, I know him, there is a natural closeness because we are both Argentines.


Veratti and Ligue 1

What a trade. Not so long ago, Messi persuaded Marco Veratti to move to Barcelona. "There is no doubt that he can be compared to Xavi or Iniesta. He is one of the best in his position. Great football player.

We wanted him in Barcelona, ​​it turned out that now I come to play with him." "He is a phenomenon, but not just Veratti. The team is amazing in every position. Now it's up to me to bring my own.

" Leo is not worried about the fact that he will objectively play in a weaker league than the Spanish one. Or so it has been so far. Although the rest of the clubs in League 1 will objectively not be able to match PSG. Still...

"I followed the French league because I have friends here. It has progressed in recent years, especially thanks to Paris Saint-Germain. Then the competition progresses because everyone wants to beat Paris. I am happy to discover a new stadium now, new rivals." But let's not lie, Messi is not here because of the title of French champion.

"I do not hide: my goal is to win the Champions League once again ... I know how difficult it is to win the Champions League. PSG also know that." "They were very close last summer. To succeed, we need a strong, united group.

And a little luck, because that is often the deciding factor." "The best team does not always win." "The Champions League is a special competition, that's why it is so attractive and beautiful.""

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