Lautaro Martinez goes to Tottenham?

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Lautaro Martinez goes to Tottenham?

It has been shaky in recent weeks at Inter. Earthquake after earthquake destroys the home of the Italian champions. Day after day, the European media shake the walls of Giuseppe Meazza. On Saturday, with the information that Romelu Lukaku has definitely agreed to return to Chelsea, today we heard Lautaro Martinez could leave Inter.

However, the news that was aired more than two hours ago by the respected British Times was soon denied. And that by Lautaro's agent. Alejandro Camano, his agent, claims that Martinez will not leave the fashion capital this summer.

"He will never force his departure from Inter. Never. Lautaro is an Inter player and he is happy in Italy. He decided to stay," Sounds familiar? When, in mid-July, on his Twitter profile, Romelu Lukaku wished to chat with Inter fans with the tweet "Let's go, ask your questions", talkSport journalist Trevor Sinclair asked him "how he likes the blue part of Manchester", and the Belgian answered briefly and clear: "I am happy at Inter." Achraf Hakimi - mid-April: "The team that attracted me the most was Inter, and I saw it as a promising project.

I am honored to be the main face of the promotion of the new club coat." "I like it (club logo) because it looks to the future we can build together. I hope to stay at this club for a long time, I am very happy." Moroccan defender told La Repubblica.

Dzeko and Zapata

The second week of August - Hakimi has been a Paris Saint-Germain player for a month now, Lukaku is practically a new reinforcement for Chelsea. And for now, nobody gave an opinion about his possible departure.

Due to everything that happened at their favorite stadium in the previous two or three months, Nerazzurri fans are not allowed to believe in anything anymore. How could it be, when the management of the Italian champions is working hard to bring in new strikers.

Corriere dello Sport even claims that Inter have already agreed with Edin Dzeko, while at the same time trying to complete the transfer of Duvan Zapata. And who, after all, can guarantee that Lautaro will start defending the title in two weeks, when the season in Serie A officially starts.

Scudetto, who, someone joked on Twitter, apparently they took on loan. Inter management will have to do a lot to restore the trust of the fans. For now, Inter does not look like a club that could defend the title

Lautaro Martinez