What kind of plan do PSG have regarding Messi?

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What kind of plan do PSG have regarding Messi?

For more than a month, Lionel Messi was a player without a contract, but few questioned his stay in Barcelona. The Catalans claimed that there was an agreement and it was expected that the 34-year-old football master would sign the extension of cooperation upon his return from vacation.

This was supported by winning the trophy at the Copa America since the first significant tournament with Argentina influenced Messi to wait for the start of the 2021/22 season in a great mood. Frequent posts of photos of the smiling Messi in the company of family and friends on a summer vacation in Miami, then in Ibiza, followed, and primarily it seemed that leaving was out of the question when Barcelona brought their first star's friend, Sergio Aguero, from Manchester City.

Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia also arrived, Emerson was bought ... Everything suggested that Lionel Messi would lead them in the campaign to return the trophy to the Camp Nou, however ... Like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, on Thursday night, Marca announced, and Barcelona shortly afterward confirmed, that instead of an agreement on the extension of cooperation, the parting of Leo Messi and Barcelona will follow.

His only club in his career so far. The reason is the shaky financial situation in the Catalan giant, which has led to insurmountable obstacles. But there are also those who can meet the requirements of the best football player on the planet.

Last summer, when the topic of the possible departure of Messi from Barcelona was first raised, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City imposed themselves as the first favorites to hire him. Last night, those two clubs were most often mentioned, but Pep Guardiola denied re-cooperating with the Argentine ace because the Citizens hired the expensively paid Jack Grealish only a few days earlier and gave him number ten.

And as the hours go by, it is more and more certain that Lionel Messi will continue his career in Paris Saint-Germain, where he will play again in tandem with Neymar, and under the command of his compatriot Mauricio Pochettino, who is a very important factor in the whole story.


There are more and more prominent sports journalists who present their knowledge on social networks about the agreement between the Messi and PSG, and the famous French newspaper L' Equip writes about it, stating that literally everything at Prince's Park is dedicated to bringing the six-time Golden Ball winner.

Allegedly, PSG is ready to provide Messi with a three-year contract according to which he would earn as much as 40,000,000 euros net per season. More than the first star of the team at the moment, Neymar, who is at around 30,000,000, although according to some information, the Brazilian would keep the number 10, and the Argentine would take 19, with whom he started his professional career in Barcelona.

Parisien also came up with financial details, although somewhat differently. According to that list, the Parisians offered the Messiah two-year cooperation, with the option of extending it to another one, but for a salary of 25,000,000 a year.

The coach of PSG, Mauricio Pochettino, was asked about the potential arrival of Messi at the Princes' Park during today's press conference on the occasion of the beginning of the French championship, but he avoided a specific answer and mention of the name.

"We know what happened yesterday, I will not lie, but we are focused on our start of the season. The club is working in parallel on the transfer period, discreetly and strongly, in order to strengthen the team and meet goals." "For me, the most important thing is to beat Troyes, and I believe in Leonardo and in the president in order to strengthen the team," Pochettino said.