Leo Messi could sign for PSG!

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Leo Messi could sign for PSG!

Such a bomb has not hit the world of football for a long time. Even when Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus, the planet did not overreact as much as tonight when it was announced that Lionel Messi was definitely leaving Barcelona.

And the whole football world is now in a state of waiting in silence. Where is Messi going? Logically, only two answers were imposed: Either Manchester City, with Pep Guardiola, or Paris Saint-Germain, who can financially provide him with everything he asks for.

Tonight, Paris is on its feet from information that has skyrocketed: Messi has been in intense conversations for hours with everyone from Paris Saint-Germain, from the club leader, through coach Pochettino to Neymar, a former teammate, and great friend.

According to the Spanish media, everything is going in the direction that it is a matter of hours when the white smoke from Prince's Park will go into the atmosphere. They are aware in the camp of PSG that this is a chance you have once in these two decades, because Messi was never even close to leaving Barca, and now he is left alone on the open sea.

Champions League

They dream of winning the Champions League in Paris, calling them one of the few European metropolises that has never seen the Champions League trophy live. If anyone can bring PSG closer to realizing that dream, then it is Messi.

And that's why tonight they "broke" in the club to search all their possibilities and bring them to the table of the Argentine genius. A little more new information published by the Spaniards: the president of Barcelona, ​​Laporta, seems to have deliberately undermined the negotiations with Messi.

The first star of the club initially agreed to have her salary reduced by 50 percent. And then today he received a new ultimatum from the Nou Camp: He has to give up an additional 30 percent of his earnings! It was a drop that spilled over the glass.

The previous administration tried to do the same thing, and this one continued, who won the elections with the story that Lionel will definitely stay. It didn't take long for Laporta to eat his words. Leo Messi in the Paris Saint-Germain jersey - the unexpected best dream for the fans of the French club and the scenes from the worst nightmares for the Barcelona fans. But it looks like it will turn into reality ...

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