Laporta: "Messi wanted to stay, but financial fair play did not allow it"

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Laporta: "Messi wanted to stay, but financial fair play did not allow it"

Lionel Messi officially left Barcelona yesterday. Impressions are still there, and the explanation of the first man of the club, Joan Laporta, is awaited. During the campaign to return to the helm of the club, he claimed that he had a plan to keep the Argentine.

He failed to make it happen. He scheduled a press conference to explain the whole situation to the football public. Before the conference, he visited the team and had a conversation with Ronald Koeman. The Dutch also led the first training of the Catalan club since Messi left.

Things continued to go on as usual, as if the football ground in the whole of Europe had not shaken yesterday. The conference started at 11.00. "Good morning everyone. I'm here to clarify the situation around Lionel Messi. First of all, I have to say that unfortunately, a catastrophic situation happened to us." "Salaries make up 110 percent of the club's income.

I don't have a salary limit. The rules of La Liga are lead by the financial fair play that sets boundaries. We don't have it ", the first man of the Catalan club began his presentation.


He continued to talk about financial difficulties and point a finger at former President Josep Bartomeu.

"When we arrived at the club, after the end of the season, the numbers worked better. However, they are far worse than we expected." "This led to losses that were far bigger than the expected debt. This means that with current sports contracts we have much bigger debts.

There is no limit to salaries. " There was a way to keep Messi, the club had to be mortgaged. Laporta did not want to do that, because Barça is above everyone. Even the best in the world. "The criterion for money was not respected.

That is why we could not realize the contract we agreed on with Leo Messi. In order to respect fair play, Barça would have to mortgage the club for half a century" "I did not want to do that. Fortunately, we have an institution of 122 years, which is above the players, even the best in the world.

We will be eternally grateful, but the club is above everything." "Finally, I want to say that Leo wanted to stay, which we wanted to. Due to the fact that he wanted to stay, which was the first step, we have to thank everyone who negotiated, on behalf of the club and Leo.

" He also points out that the agreement was on the table. The Argentine seems to have been ready to sign for five years, for a two-year salary. "We had an agreement with Messi to sign a five-year contract but to pay him salaries for two years.

Leo agreed, everything was agreed. We were convinced that we would respect fair play, but Primera did not allow it."