End of transfer saga: Grealish finally signed for Manchester City

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End of transfer saga: Grealish finally signed for Manchester City

The bomb is coming! This is definitely an evening to remember. After Barcelona officially announced that Lionel Messi would not stay at the Nou Camp, Manchester City retaliated with a strong "fire" The job contracted over the weekend has just been made official - Jack Grealish is the new player of the English champions!

The first thing that catches your eye is the "ten" that Grealish raised, that is, the comments that followed on social networks: one option less for Leo Messi. We will see whether it is so or not, there is time for such analyzes.

Now let's dedicate ourselves to the new hero of this transfer period and the numbers that are pushing the historical boundaries in the Premier League. As it was announced in the past few days, 117,000,000 euros were deposited on the account of Aston Villa (exit clause activated), which is a record figure paid for one English football player, and thus a record for England football.

Recall, the previous one was held by Paul Pogba, moving from Juventus to Manchester United - 105,000,000. And that's not the end. With this transfer, Pep Guardiola has solidified himself at the top of the list of managers who have spent the most on new players (he has now already transferred 1,200,000,000 euros), and Grealish is by far the most expensive acquisition in his career.


When we talk about personal conditions, City give a lot of money. The representative of England initialed a six-year contract which implies a weekly salary of around 235,000 euros. A simple calculation - if he fulfills the agreement by the end, Grealish will collect 67,680,000 euros, while the citizens will spend 184,680,000 euros on this job in a package.

"A few difficult months are behind me because I have been an Aston Villa fan all my life, but when I saw what was waiting for me here, I couldn't say no. I'm thrilled," Grealish said in his first address to the media as a City player.

"Trophies are the main reason I came. The manager is also a huge factor. Playing for the best coach in the world is something that you can't reject. I can't explain how happy I am. Playing with De Bruyne and all the other masters, as well as fighting for trophies, that is the realization of my dream "

The Premier League record has been broken 17 times since its establishment. Citizens are raising the ladder a second time. Previously something like this happened in 2008 when they brought Robinho from Real Madrid for 32,500,000 pounds.

It should be mentioned that Grealish is also a new club record for City. "I've been here for 24 hours. The whole club is amazing for me and my family. I feel like I've been here a long time. I think I made a good choice, we're going for all the most important trophies - the title and the Champions League first of all," the most expensive Englishman underlined.