How will Barcelona continue without Messi?

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How will Barcelona continue without Messi?

Like thunder from a clear sky. It was on the verge last summer, Lionel Messi wanted to leave, and the then-president of Barcelona, ​​Bartomeu, did not allow him. But when the management structure in the club changed, everything seemed to work out.

And Kun Aguero also came from City to Barca, it was talked about exactly according to Messi's wish because they are best friends, .. And then Lionel is no longer part of the Catalan giant. It sounds like a phrase, but definitely, nothing will be the same anymore.

Not even for Messi, who will be looking for a new club at the age of 34, just the second club in his career. And not even for Barcelona, ​​which after 21 years, from the day he arrived in La Masia as a kid, was left without the best player, record holder, superstar, the man who wrote the most beautiful pages of world football in the previous decade and a half.

Neither the hole nor the crater of cosmic proportions will remain in Barcelona with the departure of the Messi. What he meant to the club cannot be measured by a simple scale. Because, it's not all in the field, Leo was a marketing giant for the club, everyone asked for a ticket for any game at the Nou Camp, because everyone wanted to watch the Argentine.

Only when you look at the numbers and records left behind by the Messi, to which he put an end today and will not move them further, do the pupils dilate in disbelief.


In a row: 778 games for the Catalans and 672 goals, which is a record for the number of goals that one football scored for one club.

Well, the most assists - 268 - in the history of one club. The most trophies that one player won with one club - 35. The most goals in the calendar year, including friendly matches - 96 in 2012. But the most even without friendly gams - 79 in the same year.

Let's move on: the record for the number of goals for the club in one season - 73 (2011/12). Absolutely the most goals in the history of one league - 474. After them the most assists in the history of one league - 192. Let's continue, it's not the end: Record for the number of goals in one season for the club - 50 (2011/12), but also assists - 21 (2019/20).

The only player to score more than 40 goals in one season for ten years in a row. The only player who scored more than 60 goals on all fronts in two consecutive seasons ... Few individual recognitions: Six Golden Balls, six Golden Football Boots, Most times in the ideal Champions League team in history (seven times).

The player with the most goals scored in the Euro cups in the jersey of one club (120) ... And there is no end to those recognitions. And what about trophies? Ten Spanish championship titles, seven domestic cups, seven Super Cups, four Champions Leagues, three European Super Cups, three World Club Championships.

And the curtain fell on all that tonight. Those numbers and records will remain for who knows how long, the question is when a player like Messi will be born again, who will also be ready to give almost his entire career to one club