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Confirmation of the writing of the Madrid Marca came straight from Barcelona - the Catalan club informed the public on their official website that there was a stalemate in the negotiations and that the continuation of cooperation is not possible.

According to the official statement of the Spanish club, negotiations on the continuation of cooperation cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles. "Despite the agreement reached between Barcelona and Lionel Messi, with a clear intention of both sides to sign a new agreement today, it still cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles (Spanish La Liga regulations).

Faced with this situation, Lionel Messi will not continue with Barcelona. Both sides deeply regret that the wishes of the players and the club cannot be fulfilled. Barça sincerely thanks the player for his contribution and wishes him all the best in his private and professional life, "the club said in a statement.

Next destination

The information was aired by a Madrid newspaper, which is why it was greeted with a big deal of suspicion. Then the transfer expert Fabrizzio Romano, as well as numerous European media, announced that the negotiations had indeed stalled, but that they would continue to the satisfaction of both sides.

No - the catastrophic financial situation in the club forced Barcelona to sign the capitulation and play the end of beautiful 21-year cooperation. We will no longer watch Messi at the Nou Camp. And it will be very difficult to get used to that fact ...

This is certainly news that has shocked many football fans around the world, and we can hardly imagine a Catalan team without a major player: Messi. Although Barcelona has considerably strengthened its team, a player like Messi is what is needed.

We will see how the team will cope without him, and whether Barcelona will be the same after all. Another question arises: Which club will persuade Messi to play for them? Apparently, PSG will have the best chance, but there is also Manchester City, which already has huge salaries.

However, both clubs are in the best financial position and are the most likely option for continuing his career. But the question is whether the Argentine wants to play there Manchester United and Juventus are also in the story but are less realistic options.

All in all, it will be exciting Messi will have a difficult task to decide about his destiny because he did not expect such an outcome, especially if we take into account that Aguero, his compatriot came to the team and with whom he was supposed to dominate this season in La Liga.