Joshua Kimmich has extended his contract with Bayern Munich

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Joshua Kimmich has extended his contract with Bayern Munich

For those who know everything about their DNA and are familiar with Bayern's business, the question was not whether they will, but when they will. The Bavarian giant, after several months of silence during which they tried to maintain their integrity and not fall into managerial blackmail that would humiliate an institution called Bayern (the case of Alaba, you already recognize), decided to "strike back"

The cases of Toni Kroos and the aforementioned Alaba gave hope to the European competition that one of the best university players in the world, Joshua Kimich, could become the most wanted player next summer, but they prevented something like that.

As Bild exclusively reports, a key meeting was held on Monday, which finally cheered everyone in the club, including Kimich, who came to the negotiations on his own. Without a manager, without any representatives ... The German national team player personally negotiated all the details of the contract.

From there, everything went smoothly, reveals the same source. Hand in hand and - the deal is there. All that remains is for the club's lawyer to draft an agreement that will be initialed by the two sides. So now it’s all a matter of form.

Bild also revealed those key things from the contract. So Bild say: Joshua Kimih will stay at Bayern until 2026 and for that he will be rewarded with a big salary increase. His previous income (around 10,000,000 euros) will almost be doubled, which means that Kimich will become the first category when it comes to salaries in the Munich club.

Coman, Goretzka

Only Robert Lewandovski will earn more than him. He will receive something more than Leroy Sane, that is, in the rank of Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer. "Joshua is the captain of the future and the great capital of our club," Karl Heinz Rummenigge said in May last year.

If someone doubted the words of one of Bayern's most powerful people, there is no reason to do so anymore. And once again - everything remained in the domain of "normal" Salary classes are not disturbed ... Two more stars of the Munich club are in the process of negotiating a new contract.

Negotiations with Kingsley Coman (contract until 2023) aren't going so well, as the Frenchman wants a salary at Sane's level, while Bayern is offering him significantly less - up to 15,000,000. The situation is somewhat better in the case of Leon Goretzka, who is a priority, having in mind that he entered in the last 12 months of his contract.

After the "ice age", Bild writes, and on the wave of news that everything went smoothly with Kimich, the club expects that the talks with Goretzka's representatives will finally start in the right direction in the coming days.

Along with the new contracts, Bayern is working to strengthen the midfield. The choice fell somewhat unexpectedly on the captain of RB Leipzig, Marcel Sabitzer. And confirmation arrived from the man best informed about the events in Munich.