Manchester City working on Messi signing

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Manchester City working on Messi signing

All roads lead to Manchester! The odds of Lionel Messi's transfer to City are convincingly the lowest in bookmakers compared to other clubs, and will probably start to fall after the news that the Citizens were the first to contact the best football player in the world after the "letter of intent" delivered to Barcelona leaders.

The letters say he wants to leave Barcelona. Argentine television station TyC - the same one that first announced that the Catalan captain was leaving - goes a step further, having information that the club from the Etihad has started negotiations with Jorge Messi on the job of the year.

Probably decades. Leo's dad, who takes care of the heir's career, talked to people from City and the first details are already available to the public. According to those sources, Manchester City offered Messi a contract for as long as five years.

With the explanation that I would not spend all my time in the Premier League. He would reportedly play in England for the first two seasons - although some media outlets write three - and then travel across the Atlantic for big money and wear the jersey of New York City, one of the clubs run by the City Group, for which, among others, they played: David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard ...

In that way, Leo would have a secure future even up to the age of 38. Probably longer, because it is mentioned that after the end of his career, he should become the ambassador of the City Group on a global level.

Champions league trophy

Messi, however, continues to play top-level football before leaving for the United States.

And that's what Pep Guardiola offers him. The cooperation between the Catalan expert and Leo has enriched the trophy hall at the Nou Camp stadium, so the Arab owners of Manchester City hope that, in case Leo agrees, the Champions League trophy will finally arrive at the Etihad.

Just as Guardiola and Messi conquered Europe twice with Barcelona. As for finances, it is clear that City - along with city rivals United and Paris Saint-Germain - can be the only ones to pay what Messi is asking for in the name of salary.

It is about the amount of about 50,000,000 euros net, ie 100,000,000 gross on an annual level. Of course, it is necessary for the player and Barcelona to part beforehand, and so far that is the biggest point of dispute: whether or not there will be compensation, as well as how much it would amount to.