Chelsea sent a new offer for Lukaku. Inter refused again!

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Chelsea sent a new offer for Lukaku. Inter refused again!

Chelsea offered 100,000,000 euros in compensation, plus Marcos Alonso, for Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, but the leaders of Nerazzurri refused, writes Sky Sports Italy. With this offer, Blues put the financially burdened Azzuri to a serious test, but they also showed their purchasing power at this moment.

Inter want to reduce the salaries of the players this summer, and Antonio Conte left the club after winning the title due to concerns about the budget reduction, so it is clear that the situation is quite unstable. Nerazzurri's decision could be changed only by Lukaku's desire to change the environment, but that is not the case at the moment.

The strong striker, who was most deserving of winning the title last season, is very happy at the club and is ready to do his best next season. He returned to the club after a break after the European Championship and is focused on the new season, they claim from Sky.

Chelsea seem to want a first-class striker at all costs this summer. Their other main target is Erling Haaland, so it remains to be seen whether he will be more successful in negotiations with Dortmund. Lukaku was already at Chelsea, where he arrived in 2011 from Anderlecht for 15,000,000 euros, but he recorded only 15 appearances, without a goal, before moving to Everton in July 2014 for 35,360,000.



He was close to returning in July 2017 but opted for Manchester United, which paid him 84,700,000 euros. Two years later, he arrived at Inter for 74,000,000. In the Premiership, he performed best in the Everton jersey, where he aroused the interest of big clubs.

When he came to Chelsea he did not show what was expected of him, and they decided that the best option for him was to find a new club. It turned out to be a great move. In Everton, he finally started to score goals, he was seen to have great movement, a sense for goal but also to be fast, which is very strange considering his body.

He used to be good at Manchester United, but again he did not give what was expected. However, United took good money for him since he was not in the best shape. Inter, just like Everton, was a great choice, and is now perhaps one of the most wanted strikers in the world.

It would be weird if he goes to Chelsea again, given that Chelsea rejected him when he started building his career. But still, money is money.