Chelsea do not want to give up on Lukaku

Thomas Tuchel marked the strong Belgian as a striker who is needed by this team

by Sead Dedovic
Chelsea do not want to give up on Lukaku

Since they ended the season in a spectacular way by winning the title of European champion, Chelsea's efforts to reach the "nines" of the world-class have not brought an adequate result. The first idea was Erling Haaland and Roman Abramovich was ready to break the coffers in order to set aside a staggering 185,000,000 euros for the super-talented Norwegian.

The decision of Dortmund's leaders to withdraw from any negotiations as much as possible led Chelsea to start looking in the other direction. And that towards Milan, where Romelu Lukaku became the target. Thomas Tuchel marked the strong Belgian as a striker who is needed by this team in the attack on the title of English champion, but Chelsea already had two failed shots.

According to Athletic, Lukaku has already refused two strong offers to return to Stamford Bridge. Despite the fact that Lukaku flatly rejected them, even saying that he wants to dedicate himself to his obligations at Inter, the mentioned source claims that Chelsea do not intend to give up so easily, which is why a third offer is expected.

Chelsea started paying attention to Lukaku, mostly because of the financial crisis in which Inter find themselves. The Italian champions have not ruled out the possibility of selling Lautaro Martinez by the end of the summer, and Arsenal are interested in his health, while Chelsea is trying to persuade the Belgian to return to a place where his career could have completely ended.


Let us remind you, Chelsea brought Lukaku exactly ten years ago from Anderlecht for 15,000,000 euros. He was then marked as the legitimate successor of Didier Drogba, but he never got a real chance at Stamford Bridge.

Instead, he spent time on loan at the WBA and Everton, after which Everton bought him in July 2014 for 35,400,000 euros. Three years later, he was transferred to Manchester United for 85,000,000 euros, and two years ago he definitely left England and moved to Inter for 74,000,000 euros.

He found himself in the City of Fashion and confirmed the epithet of one of the best strikers in the world. He finished last season as the second Serie A scorer behind Cristiano Ronaldo with 24 goals, but in the end, he was chosen as the most useful player in the Italian championship.

Lukaku has been in contact with other clubs several times since he left for Inter. But each time he refused to even think about leaving, especially to return to England where critics called him "fat and sluggish" with the assessment that "there is no quality for the Premier League". But he proved to everyone that he just needed the right system.

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