If Grealish signs for City, Kane will not be an option

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If Grealish signs for City, Kane will not be an option
If Grealish signs for City, Kane will not be an option (Provided by Sport World News)

The hank of Jack Grealish's transfer to Manchester City started to falter when Aston Villa accepted the offer of the English champions, worth around 120,000,000 euros. However, that immediately opened a new question. If a miracle does not happen and the player of England arrives at the Etihad, will the Citizens be able to afford Harry Kane? Manchester Evening News claims that in that case, Pep Guardiola will not have the resources to buy one of the best strikers on the planet, which Tottenham do not want to let go under 150,000,000 euros.

So, in order to unite the two potentially biggest transfers in the history of English football in the same summer, the European vice-champion will have to dedicate themselves to the sale of football players. In the current transfer window, City have already earned 38,800,000 euros by selling Angelino Red Bull to Leipzig (18,000,000), Jack Harrison to Leeds (12,800,000) and Lukas Nmecha to Wolfsburg (8,000,000).

However, the Manchester giant have much bigger fish on the list of players that have already been speculated that they could leave the club - Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez and Gabriel Jesus.


Kane recently told Gary Neville in an interview that it is every striker's dream to have Kevin de Bruyne by his side and thus sent a clear signal to Guardiola, who said at the beginning of the summer that Manchester City did not have the money to bring a striker in the rank of Erling Haaland Harry Kane.

However, there is money for Grealish, and we also remember that Tottenham repulsed City's first attack on the first star of the team of 117,000,000 euros. Tottenham say they have no need to sell Kane, whose contract is valid for another three years, so they are asking for over 170,000,000 to consider the story.

However, the question is how Tottenham will stand if the rumors from England are true. Namely, the respected British Telegraph writes that Kane will personally present the first man of the club, Daniel Levy, his intention to move to the Etihad upon his return from vacation, ie this week.

As we said, one hank started to unwind, and when he is completely unwinded and Grealish signs for City, we will see if Guardiola just pretended that the club doesn't have money for the top striker, that is, how much Tottenham will be able to force 170,000,000, aware that if going against Kane's wishes risks having an angry and dissatisfied leader next season.

It is only certain that one of the biggest transfer sagas will bring with it constant speculations, rumors and speculations from year to day, day by day.

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