How much will David Alaba earn at Real Madrid?

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How much will David Alaba earn at Real Madrid?

There has been a lot of speculation about how much David Alaba will earn at Real Madrid. Various figures were mentioned. From the fact that he left for less money than Bayern offered him to continue the cooperation (15,000,000 euros together with bonuses), to the fact that he got what he wanted - to earn as Robert Lewandowski.

So about 20,000,000 per year. German Spiegel, a newspaper known for its exclusive information from the world of football and finance, researched this topic and came up with interesting information. SPIEGEL claims: Real Madrid will spend as much as 126,500,000 euros on the Austrian national team player in five years (without bonuses)!

Let's start with the salary. According to a German source who proved to be very reliable by throwing out precise data in the "action" of FootballLeaks, David Alaba will earn 19,470,000 euros per season. It should be noted that this is a gross amount, ie that the former Bayern player will have a little more than half of the money in his account, but that certainly does not change the fact that Real will have to set aside as much as 97,250.000 for Alaba's salary (for a five-year period).

Or 5x19,470,000. Let's repeat once again - no bonuses for individual performance and club results.


The Austrian arrived in Madrid as a free agent, and it is a well-known practice that free agents, especially those in the TOP class, have amassed a real fortune in recent years for the so-called signing bonus.

In this "column", claims Spiegel, the following figure should be entered: 17,700,000 euros! For two more items, Real had to set aside a lot of money. And these are exactly the "details" that Bayern persistently refused to negotiate, which is why Pini Zahavi turned his client to Madrid.

To the well-known agent, in the name of the commission, the Madrid giant paid 5,200,000 euros. And finally, there is "pocket money" for parents. 6,300,000 euros, according to a German newspaper. And when all that is nicely added up, we come to an astronomical 126,500,000 euros.

Information that certainly supports the proponents of the theory that Real and Barcelona (above all) advocate the creation of a European Super League only because of such things because in that case, they could continue with such, many will say, irrational business. But also to cover debts that, for example in Barca's case, exceed the figure of a BILLION EUROS.