Aston Villa accept 120 million for Jack Grealish!

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Aston Villa accept 120 million for Jack Grealish!

The first news in England this morning is - Aston Villa is ready to accept the official offer of Manchester City worth 120,000,000 euros for captain Jack Grealish! And the other is - right after Grealish, City are going to get Harry Kane!

As things stand, shortly after the check for the requested 120,000,000 euros arrived from the Etihad, the management of Aston Villa reached a unanimous agreement to release their captain. Although Villa has not yet officially responded to the offer, Sky Sport claims that only a miracle could stop the first of the two mega transfers in City!

Jack Grealish wants to go, Aston Villa got the money they are looking for, and how serious City's plans with the England player are is confirmed by the fact that the first official offer was in the range of what is required at Villa Park!

So, without wasting time and wasting time, City would like to finish the job as soon as possible! More precisely, as much as next week, because the season officially starts in two weeks! City even earlier, on August 7, after the Community Shield against Leicester at Wembley.

As announced yesterday, Grealish's transfer will be the most expensive in England of all time, and at the same time the biggest for a British football player! The previous record in the Premier League is still held by Paul Pogba when Manchester United paid 105,000,000 euros to Juventus five years ago.

The most expensive player from the United Kingdom is Gareth Bale with 101,000,000 euros, as much as Real paid Tottenham in 2013, while the most valuable Englishman is Harry Maguire with 87,000,000 euros, when he transferred from Leicester to Manchester United.

Harry Kane

Grealish's record transfer may not be long ahead of the others as City plans another monstrous purchase. Although Sky Sport claims that it is difficult to expect something like that, the British tabloid Sun, which often has good information from the transfer market, claims that City are preparing the ground for the bombastic transfer of Harry Kane!

Tottenham have already rejected City's first offer of 120,000,000 euros and is asking for between 150,000,000 and 180,000,000 European banknotes, which City plans to accept at some point. They only want to feel the pulse of Tottenham's leaders first, how far he will go "down" with the price.

City need a center forward as a matter of urgency, because after the departure of Sergio Aguero, the only classic striker is Gabriel Jesus, when the champion team cannot be built due to too frequent injuries and lack of continuity in form.

Is Harry Kane the solution? He is! And is it worth giving that much money for a player who recently turned 28, with all the problems with his ankles? It is already up to City to decide. It seems that these days we will surely see one, if not two spectacular transfers directed by the current English champion.

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