Haaland will stay in Dortmund for another year

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Haaland will stay in Dortmund for another year

Borussia Dortmund fans were afraid in the last few days that they could be left without another part of the amazing tandem Sancho - Haaland. There was news from all sides that Chelsea was dangerously targeting the Norwegian goal scorer, that they were "cleaning up" the roster and preparing a monstrous offer worth around 175,000,000 euros so that Matthias Sammer would add fuel to the fire a few days ago.

"Haaland should stay at Borussia. I say he should because you never know when a lunatic might show up and offer 200,000,000 euros. If that happened, Dortmund could sell him." Erling Haaland reacted to these words of the Millionaire legend, saying that no offer had arrived at his or his manager's address and that he enjoyed playing for Borussia.

And then the general director of the club from Westphalia, Watzke, put an end to all speculations last night. Just like in the case of Jadon Sancho last summer, when he publicly said that "the time for negotiations" had expired and that the Englishman could not go to Manchester United, Watzke now said that Borussia was no longer thinking about selling Haaland "There is not the slightest dilemma anymore - Haaland stays with us for at least another year.

Just like Julian Brandt."


This practically means that the management of Dortmund has cut and that its results in the upcoming season are somewhat more important than the net profit. Because if it is true that Chelsea (or any other club) was really ready to cash in 175,000,000 euros, does that practically mean that the German club is left without a net profit of 100,000,000 euros ?!

It should be reminded that Mino Raiola managed to get an exit clause of "only" 75,000,000 euros after Haaland's arrival from Salzburg to Borussia after he spent two and a half years at the club. As the Norwegian will fulfill the condition for activating that clause next summer, the club that wants to buy him will not have to negotiate with Dortmund.

They pay 75,000,000 and can start negotiations on personal terms. In connection with the great goal scorer this summer, they also brought Manchester City, ie Real Madrid, which allegedly still fantasizes about creating a tandem Mbappe - Haaland in the summer of 2022.

Erling Haaland has played 59 games for the Millionaires so far and scored 57 goals. His market price (according to Transfermakt) is 130,000,000 euros. It seems that the story about his sale will continue for a long time, but Dortmund will certainly have a hard time keeping Haaland.