Juventus refused 100 million offer for Chiesa

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Juventus refused 100 million offer for Chiesa
Juventus refused 100 million offer for Chiesa (Provided by Sport World News)

Federico Chiesa was known to be a player for big games and great deeds. The European Championship only helped the entire football public to be convinced of the possibility of the Italian national team player, and after the Azzuri lifted the cup, offers to Juventus began to arrive.

First, Bayern's 80,000,000 were smoothly rejected, when Chelsea came out with a figure of 100,000,000 euros, Juve did not even want to hear, so it is not surprising that they rejected another hundred, and that to Liverpool.

At least that's what the Roman Republic claims. Officially, Chiesa is still listed as a Fiorentina player on loan at Juventus. The Old Lady has lent 10,000,000 euros so far, and next summer they will formally buy him back for 40,000,000 euros if one of the next four conditions is met: Juventus finishes the season among the top four in Serie A., Chiesa plays 60 percent match for Juve at least 30 minutes per match, Chiesa scored 10 goals, Chiesa had 10 assists.

Let's repeat so that there is no confusion - just one is enough to make redemption mandatory. In any case, the son of Enrico Chiesa showed what a player he is. He played a notable club season before the Euros, scored and scored eight goals in 30 appearances for Juve in Serie A, and counting all competitions, he recorded 43 appearances, 14 goals, and ten assists - a football double-double.


It is no wonder that after the Euro, a demonstration of explosiveness that few football players have today, that is, football geniuses are wanted by hundreds of European greats. But obviously, it won't work. Juventus is never more aware of what kind of football treasure they have.

You just don't know if he is more dangerous when he aims for a goal, when he decides to shoot or when he decides to serve his teammates. As such, he could lead Juve's machinery for the next ten years. Juventus will hardly resist such offers, but for now, they are succeeding.

Many clubs do not want to give up and are trying to attract him, but for now there is no hope that a transfer could take place. Still, he is someone around whom the team will be formed next season, and they are aware at Juventus that it would be much harder without him. After an unsuccessful season, they would certainly not want the same thing to happen again