Barcelona want to get rid of Griezmann

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Barcelona want to get rid of Griezmann

Philippe Coutinho has already become a synonym for Barcelona's failed investment, and now Antoine Griezmann is growing into a problem for the Catalan giant. Although he still played a bit more than the Brazilian, Barça is doing its best to get rid of the salary of the French national team player of almost 20,000,000 euros net, or close to 36,000,000 gross.

It has long been known about the proposed swap with Atletico: Griezmann in Madrid, Saul Niguez in Barcelona. Then, as an idea, there was a barter with Juventus for Paulo Dybala. Reputable Team now writes that the Catalans offered the 30-year-old striker to both Tottenham and Manchester City.

Tottenham may need a good striker if Harry Kane kicks out his own and gets permission to go, while City have been looking for a striker since Sergio Aguero left. The Argentine is right in Barça, who also brought Memphis Depay and made a fuss that they now have to solve.

Because that fuss made a big expense as well. The problem for Barcelona is that everyone knows that, so the Catalans can't strain too much with the conditions. Especially because Griezmann only wants to go to Madrid, although Atletico's fans still remember his "betrayal" from two years ago.

Pandemic and Messi

As for Barcelona, ​​the debt is an astronomical 1,200,000,000 euros. And when there are so many, there is no place for emotions. Not even to the player you brought in for 120,000,000. The situation in Barcelona is currently very bad and it seems that it will be difficult to get out of these problems with the club.

The time of the pandemic destroyed Barcelona and after the previously desperate season, this year they will have to raise the game to a higher level if they want any good result. The reinforcements that have come are really good, but they still will not be enough if some major problems that have been around for a long time are not solved.

The most important thing for Barcelona fans is that Messi will stay, and that he is not interested in the offers of other clubs. Without him, Barcelona would hardly look like a good team, and they would have very little chance of a title.

It is necessary now for them to take things into their own hands, and to try to get out of the chaos in which they found themselves. Laporta certainly did not expect such a difficult task when he arrived, and it seems that even more difficult times await him in Catalonia.