Barcelona players refuse to have their salaries reduced

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Barcelona players refuse to have their salaries reduced

Honestly, the club is in worse condition than I expected. " That is how Joan Laporta commented on the financial situation in the club when he started his return term as president in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the coronavirus went wild and the situation got even worse.

It is estimated that Barcelona lost at least 400,000,000 euros last season. And only for the salaries of football players, so far they have set aside more than 500.0000.000. Therefore, the first goal of the new management was to drastically cut the expenses for the players' salaries.

Lionel Messi has already accepted the new contract for 50 percent less money. But negotiations with other players are not going so smoothly. Especially with those who have been here the longest and who should feel the club is their own.

However, there are differences in media articles. Catalan Sport writes that there is no agreement with the "holy cows" as it calls Gerard Pique, Sergi Roberto, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.

Selling players

On the other hand, Mundo Deportivo, traditionally close to every Barcelona administration, says that the problem is expressed only in Alba's case.

Although the others did not sign anything, they allegedly expressed their readiness to take their share of the sacrifice. Barcelona must certainly react. There has long been talk of a number of ways in which costs could be reduced, including a swap of Antoine Griezmann for Saul Nigez of Atletico.

The idea of ​​selling Philippe Coutinho or Ousmane Dembele is not passing for now, because there are no satisfactory offers. Therefore, the club is preparing for radical measures. Reportedly, everyone will be given a deadline of August 15.

Otherwise, Barcelona may inform the players in court, although it is not clear what they think they will achieve with that, because the contracts are on the side of the players. Pique, Busquets, and Roberto are reportedly ready to accept the reduction if their contracts are extended.

Alba pretends to be dead, neither Miralem Pjanić nor Samuel Umtiti are ready for talks. It is more realistic for the club to sell them if a ready buyer appears. The court is no longer such an unrealistic option. Hard times for Barcelona.

They have missed too much in recent years. Some solution will have to be found because it is really sad that a club of such a reputation has to do things like this to save themselves.