Simeone revealed what changed the mentality of the club

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Simeone revealed what changed the mentality of the club

With a comeback away to Valladolid (2: 1), Atletico Madrid managed to crown the very exciting championship race with a title two months ago and under the command of Diego Simeone. Exciting and completely contrary to expectations, as was the whole championship, the last round brought the second crown to the Quilters in the Cholo era, confirming that, while the Argentine is at the head of Atletico, the dominant duo in the Pyrenees will not be peaceful.

With goals from Correa and Suarez, Atletico directed the championship celebration keeping two points in relation to the city rival, and before the start of the new season, Diego Simeone referred to the match in Valladolid in an interview for Marca.

"What comes to mind at the remembrance on May 22 is joy, a lot of joy. Emotion. There was a lot of work before that day. Many look back on that moment, but I want to see the bigger picture." "Without that previous work where many the footballers paved the way for those who arrived, we would not be able to improve the history of Atletico ", began the rewinding of Simeone's film.

Real and Barca

The last whistle of the referee brought an eruption of emotions, and during the celebration, Cholo gestured that this was his eighth trophy since 2012 on the coaching bench in Madrid. "All successes are very complex and I could not single out the most demanding.

The most difficult of all was the change of mind and understanding so that we could start winning trophies in national competitions." "That changed with the success in the cup in 2013, against Real. Hardly, At the Bernabeu, a field that is not neutral, we started to change history there, in Europe we won trophies with Quique Sánchez Flores, took the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup, but at the national level we had to become an important factor again, that task was the most complicated "

It was under the command of the temperamental Argentine Atletico that he became a competitive rival to Real and Barcelona again. "People always think they're looking for an alibi, but the truth is that Real and Barcelona have almost always been superior in history.

It happened to us that we were better in 2014 and 2021, but that doesn't mean we're above them now." "We know our place and we want to improve, but that's not an excuse. Everyone interprets it as they want, the reality is that Real, Barça, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, City, Bayern are historical clubs, but even that is no guarantee that they will always win. "