Harry Kane ready to strike: He wants to sign for Manchester City

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Harry Kane ready to strike: He wants to sign for Manchester City

Harry Kane on the highway. He broke out on the straight and shot from London to Manchester. He seems so determined to leave Tottenham and sign for City that he is ready for unpopular measures. Maybe a strike. According to the British media, the captain of the England national team has decided to continue his career at the Etihad and, he believes, nothing will stop him from implementing that intention.

That is why, according to certain information, he told the environment that he will not even appear at Spurs trainings when his vacation, which is planned for August 2, is over, due to his participation in the European Championship.

Although the new coach Nuno Espirito Santo hopes for him and repeats that he is a "Harry Tottenham player", Kane crossed paths with the club in which he started playing and allegedly told the people who lead his career that he is only interested in working with Pep Guardiola.

The scorer of 23 Premier League goals last season tried to do everything humanely. First, towards the end of the previous competition, he told the Tottenham leaders his desire to change the environment, although he is bound by a contract with White Hart Lane until June 2024.

He calculated that Dani Levy would find understanding and open doors after everything he gave to the club, but it looks like those emotions were not his strong side. And that he is interested in money. Which is legitimate in the world of modern sports.

The only trouble for Kane is knowing that the first man of Tottenham is asking for a huge amount for the best player. As much as 150,000,000 pounds, which is about 175,000,000 euros. Having agreed in principle with the striker projected to replace Sergio Kun Aguero (five-year contract, salary around 16,000,000 euros), Manchester City responded with an official offer entitled to 117,000,000 euros.

Rejected offer It was smoothly rejected. Then it was mentioned that the Citizens could include a player in the business. Levy doesn't seem to like that either. Just as Harry Kane is persistent in his intention to change the environment, so the president of Tottenham wants to get the financial maximum, forgetting that the market has calmed down under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic and that transfers such as Neymar's in Paris Saint-Germain are not very real.

That's why the game of nerves is going on. Who will be the first to give up. Experience teaches that players always get what they want in the end and, as a rule, expel their own. Dani Levy learned that in a painful way by being left without Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, who did not even train with Tottenham due to Real's invitation, they were even fined, and in the end, they managed to move to Madrid.

It was similar in Liverpool when Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho moved to Barcelona, ​​and the Reds, as it were, fought until, under the pressure of the football players, they turned on the green lights to leave. There is every chance that an identical scenario is being prepared in the case of Harry Kane.

And if there is no training, there is no point in keeping a dissatisfied player Among other things, he sees that he can no longer progress in Tottenham. He is able to break personal records, but football is played for trophies.

Harry Kane won none. His former teammate Kyle Walker has collected ten since moving to Manchester City. What a sports and life injustice ...