Milan and Kessie continue their cooperation for 6,000,000 a year

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Milan and Kessie continue their cooperation for 6,000,000 a year

Milan's agony lasts for months with the new contracts of those who carried the biggest burden last season. In the end, the Rossoneri were left without Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Chalhanoglu due to disagreements in the amount of the salary, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic remained.

Franck Kessie will follow in his footsteps. The midfielder from the Ivory Coast is close to a total agreement with the directorial tandem of Maldini-Massara about a new contract worth close to 6,000,000 euros a year! That is more than double the money that Kessie received according to the word of the cooperation so far, which is actually 2,200,000 European banknotes.

Kessie was one of the bearer of Milan's game last season, especially in the middle of the field, the increase was certainly logical, but one could hardly expect that so much money would be on the table. It should be reminded that during the negotiations with Kessie's agents, Milan went up to the amount of four million euros a year with a five-year contract.

In the end, Milan made a big step forward, so it can be said that Kessie's representatives took a big victory in these talks.

Premier League teams

However, the Milan daily Gazetta delo Sport claims that nothing will be signed yet.

Allegedly, in Kessie's environment, they want to wait a little longer and see if the invitation from the Premier League, which has been waiting for months, will arrive in the end. In case that does not happen, he will initial a new cooperation with the Rossoneri.

With his new salary in Milan, Kessie would be among the highest paid players. Either way, everything indicates that he will stay at the same address. On the other hand, Milan seems to be left without Soualiho Meite. At the end of last season, it was written that Milan was ready to activate the option of buying 8,000,000 euros, but nothing concrete happened.

Now the midfielder from Turin is close to a transfer to Benfica. Italian insider Gianluca di Marzio reports that Benfica and Torino have reached an agreement for Meite's transfer worth 7,000,000 euros. Medical tests are expected in the coming days, followed by the completion of the transfer.

On the same day, it was announced that the medical test of left back Balo Toure in Milan were eventually canceled. Allegedly, after yesterday's agreement between Rossoneri and Monaco on the purchase of a reserve for Theo Hernandez for 4,000,000 euros and 500,000 in bonuses, the two sides returned to the negotiating table because some details have not been agreed yet.

So there will probably be nothing from the transfer for a few more days. So today, only Olivier Giroud became the new player of Milan.