Juventus want Locatelli in their team

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Juventus want Locatelli in their team

We were just waiting for the moment when the talks between Juventus and Sassuolo for Manuel Locatelli will start and now we can say - it has started! The leaders of the two clubs sat down at the negotiating table, and the Old Lady made the first official offer, which was immediately rejected.

According to the Italian insider Fabrizio Romano, Juventus made a proposal - a loan until the end of the season, with a mandatory purchase of 30,000,000 euros, which the people from Sassuolo did not like at all. But negotiations are continuing ...

Neroverdi told colleagues on the other side of the table that the only option that comes to mind is to sell immediately at a price of 40,000,000 euros. There are many reasons why Sassuolo keeps the price so high. First, Locatelli has been followed by Arsenal for some time, which is ready to embark on new campaigns on the transfer market after the agreed transfer of Ben White from Brighton, and besides that, he recently became the European champion with Italy, which inevitably raised his price.


Juventus has been following Locatelli's development for more than a year, and after good games last season and also interesting games in the Azzuri jersey, he has become interesting for clubs with several meridians.

The relations between the two clubs are excellent and have been especially intensified in the last ten years, when transfers in both directions were often completed. From Richmond Boacci 2012, through Reto Ziegler, Domenico Berrardi, Simone Zaza, to Luca Marone, Federico Peluso...

That is why the Italian media believe that the Bianconeri will still have the advantage to pick up Locatelli, but only on condition that an adequate price is found for the young midfielder. At the same time, news is coming from Catalonia that Juventus has become active regarding the return of Miralem Pjanić from Barcelona.

We wrote about this case a few days ago, when it was pointed out that Barcelona is working intensively to get rid of the midfielder from Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely his salary, in order to relieve the burden on the cash register.

Catalan Sport claims that Juventus is preparing a swap offer for Barcelona , where Aaron Ramsey would now go to Camp Nou !? Let us remind you, Pjanić went to Barcelona practically in the form of a swap for Arthur, although those jobs are managed as separate entities.

Ramsey has not had a place in the Juventus team for a long time, and Pjanić is one of the favorites of coach returnee Max Allegri.