Manchester United in final negotiations with Varane

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Manchester United in final negotiations with Varane

The idea of ​​the management of Manchester United to bring an adequate partner to Harry Maguire has been around for a long time since the experiments with Victor Lindelof, Eric Baily and others did not prove to be the best.

Many connected with United, including Nikola Milenković, but the place near Maguire is still open. In the coming weeks, or rather by the end of the transfer window, that could change as the top of the club is working intensively on bringing in Rafael Varane.

Namely, according to the claims of European insiders, United is in an advanced stage of negotiations with Varane's agent Frank Trimboli, and there is already a draft contract on the table according to which he would earn far more than what he got at Real Madrid.

United give as much as 12,000,000 euros net per year, which is more than double the 5,000,000 euros that Varane received in Madrid when all taxes are deducted. The offer is even more than one and a half times stronger than the one that Varane recently rejected from the Royal Club for the extension of cooperation, which stands at 7,500,000 euros.

Although there will probably be no problems in agreeing on personal terms of cooperation, the harder job for United will be to find an agreement with Real.

70 million euros

The royal club allegedly will not stand in the way of Varane, he wants to leave, but with adequate compensation, which has been known for a long time - 70,000,000 euros.

The problem is that United is not ready to pay that much compensation for a player whose contract expires in a year, so there are two options - for either Real to reduce the limit, or for United to wait until next summer and get a player for free.

The well-informed French portal Radio Monte Carlo claims that Varane does not want to leave Real in a bad tone. Florentino Perez gave him a proposal to extend the cooperation even before the start of the Euro, but he asked to finish his representative obligations, which he did.

And then he turned down the first offer. From Varane's environment, it is allegedly not possible to hear anything about his status and whether he will change the club this summer. Real has not yet received an official offer from Manchester and is waiting for the next move of the Red Devils.

If an agreement with the agent falls through, it will surely be in the coming weeks or even days. Certainly, Maguire could soon get a significant boost in defense.

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