Arjen Robben decided to end his professional career!

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Arjen Robben decided to end his professional career!

The decision from 2019 was quickly changed by Arjen Robben. Only a year later, he put on his football boots again and returned to the field, in the jersey of his beloved Groningen. But now it's over. He will definitely not play football anymore.

At least not professionally. "Dear football friends, I have decided to end my active career. A very difficult decision. I would like to thank everyone for their cordial support," the Dutchman wrote on his Twitter profile.

There is also a farewell letter. As a reason for the termination, as expected, he states physical fitness. The last game was a defeat by Utrecht in the playoffs of the Dutch championship for the Europa League. "After the last game, I said that I would need time to think well about the future.

I soon continued to train, because it was important for me to regain the form I had been working on for months before, I didn't want to fall behind. "That helped me to have an insight into my physical capabilities and assess whether it is realistic to play for another year.

Unfortunately, my body did not give me the necessary self-confidence. That is why I decided to quit, "the 37-year-old winger explained.


Robben made seven appearances last season, in which he assisted his teammates twice for a goal.

On average, he played only 37 minutes per game. Only the mentioned duel with Utrecht was played from the beginning to the end. He failed to bring the green and whites to the European scene, but he certainly has a fantastic career behind him.

He started by winning the Dutch championship with PSV Eindhoven, then he was twice the champion of England with Chelsea, then he ascended the throne in Spain with Real Madrid, and then eight times with Bayern in Germany, with which he won the Champions League in 2013.

With the Dutch national team in 2010, he was second, and four years later, third in the world. However, we remember him the most when, together with Ribbery, he was one of the best tandems in Europe. Bayern really looked unstoppable then with two great wings, and it looked like no one could do anything to them.

Robben will also be remembered for his shot, which he brought to perfection, especially from the right corner, and this is probably what the goalkeepers of the opposing teams remember him for the most.