Florentino Perez: "Ronaldo is an idiot"

"You think he's normal, but he's not. If he is, he wouldn't do everything he does"

by Sead Dedovic
Florentino Perez: "Ronaldo is an idiot"

First, criticism of club legends such as Raul and Iker Casillas. And today, the words of Real president Florentino Perez are even harder. Targets now: Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, Fabio Coentrao, and superagent Jorge Mendes.

The first man of the Royal Club obviously did not pay attention to who he was sitting with and in front of whom he was talking, so he will have to explain himself for the words he said back in October 2012. But also words that will resonate.

First about Cristiano Ronaldo ... "He is crazy. The boy is an idiot, he's sick. You think he's normal, but he's not. If he is, he wouldn't do everything he does." "The whole world saw this last nonsense he did. Why do you think he is doing all this nonsense? ”Perez asked the unknown interlocutor, not hiding that he did not have a high opinion of Ronaldo's intelligence.

True, all the best about the playing qualities. But Perez did not like the fact that he has to cooperate with so many Portuguese. Ronaldo, then Mourinho, manager Jorge Mendes ... "Mendes does not control Ronaldo, just as he does not control Mourinho.

And these are people with a serious ego, both spoiled, unaware of reality. They could earn a lot more money if they behave differently." "They are not normal. We are talking about really huge money from marketing rights. And their attitude, that defiance, no one loves them.



Let's not forget another Portuguese, Fabio Coentrao. "Fool. He affects the whole club. The guy doesn't have a head. Moron. He drives without a driver's license. And he can't handle the pressure. And he plays like s*it" And one detail that is not as personal as it could result in certain court proceedings.

Regarding Mendes and Pepe's arrival at Real in 2007, during the reign of Ramon Calderon as president. Mendes was not so famous then. "Of those 30,000,000 euros, something ended up there, something here. We need to see where all that money went.

He (Calderon) worked with Jorge Mendes, and he is a representative of the Porto president." "Everything is strange in his affairs. He is an alibi for Porto's president. They took money from the Russians (probably Roman Abramovich, ed.) On Mourinho, Carvalho, Ferreira ...

They are taking them to Switzerland." "Someone who is canny there would have to get angry in order for us to find those accounts in Switzerland", suggests Perez It cannot be taken away from him that he is capable and powerful.

However, he had never been under such barrage fire. The first fiasco with the Super League. Now there are recordings of secret conversations from 10 years ago. Did Florentino bother some big players?

Florentino Perez