Florentino Perez: "Raul and Casillas are the two biggest frauds"

"Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, what do you want me to tell you?"

by Sead Dedovic
Florentino Perez: "Raul and Casillas are the two biggest frauds"

The year is 2006. Summer. Florentino Perez announced his intention to resign from the presidential position at Real Madrid a few months earlier. He has already left the club, which seems to have given him absolute freedom to spit on two Real legends - Raul Gonzalez Blanco and Iker Casillas.

Only those present could hear what Florentino Perez was thinking at that moment about the two great players. And that secret has been strictly kept for 15 years. Today, the Spanish newspaper Confidential went public with the claim that they had come into possession of an audio recording in which Perez is heard trampling on two excellent football players, which caused confusion on the Iberian Peninsula.

"Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, what do you want me to tell you? He is not and never will be! He is a big mistake of this club. You have those who adore him and those who want to love him, who would like to talk to him " "I don't know.

They defend him so much, and he is one of the two biggest scams in the history of Real. The other is Raul ", it is allegedly heard on the mentioned audio recording published by Confidential.

Perez on Raul and Casillas

Perez said these words, therefore, not long after he left Real.

And, as the paper claims, the Spanish businessman left Real in 2006 because of - Raul! "Both Raul and Casillas are terribly selfish people. You can never count on them, and whoever hopes to be able to count on them at all - has been grossly mistaken.

"They just leave you lying in the mud, which is crazy. They are terrible players " it is written that Perez also stated this, with accusations that Raul tried to destroy the club in those years and that he is the second-best scorer in the history of Real Madrid, one of the reasons why he left the presidency in 2006.

Casillas and Raul later left Real, but it is interesting that Florentino Perez supported both of them to return to the club after they finished their careers. Today, Raul is the coach of Castilla and one of the future candidates for the bench of the first team, while Casillas even became one of Perez's advisors and people who are ex officio under the Board of Directors and the highest instances.

Everyone, of course, now has an intriguing question - why is it that now, after a decade and a half, such a video has surfaced in public?

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