England: racist insults from Brit fans against those who missed penalties

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England: racist insults from Brit fans against those who missed penalties

After the defeat on penalties in the EURO 2020 final against Italy, many English fans have launched a social attack against the three England players who missed the penalties. English FA denounced disgusting behavior among some fans on social media and asked the police for the harshest possible punishments.

On twitter Boris Johnson: "These players deserve to be praised as heroes, not to receive racist slurs on social media. Those responsible should be ashamed." Labor MP David Lammy said: "This is why we kneel. To pray for a better future, worthy of the values, beauty and respect exemplified by every single English player."

Prince William Duke of Cambridge added: "I am nauseated, it is totally unacceptable that some players should have such abominable behavior. UEFA sattement said: "UEFA strongly condemns the disgusting racist slurs directed at several England players on social media after the Euro2020 final.

This has no place in football and society. We support the players and the English Federation's call for sanctions as much as as strong as possible. "

Italy is champion of Europe!

Robero Mancini's national team beat England after 4-3 penalties. Saka's mistake was decisive. In the 120 'match ended at 1-1: start launched for the Southgate team who took the lead after 2' with Shaw.

Italy suffers but in the second half dominates and finds equal in the 67th minute with a paw from Bonucci. Then the epilogue from eleven meters with the decisive save from Donnarumma. Italy has scored 13 goals in this tournament, a record for the Azzurri in a single edition between the European and the World Cup.

With 34 years and 71 days, Leonardo Bonucci became the oldest scorer in a European final (overtaking Bernd Hölzenbein, with Germany in 1976 at 30 years and 103 days). Then the party and the (controlled and corrected) delirium in the streets of Rome, where the European champion national team is celebrating on the open bus between two wings of the crowd.

With the Azzurri there is also the Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini. Giorgio Chiellini during the Quirinale ceremony, said: "Our dedication is for Davide Astori, whom we would have liked here with us. Davide is always present in our thoughts, in the hearts of those who knew him and in that of the young people who have England? We have never lost heart, putting the good of the collective before the individual.

Only through teamwork was it possible to achieve such a prestigious result. If we are here today it is not for an extra penalty, but because we shared one of the most beautiful feelings there is: friendship. Millions of fans have never made us feel alone, accompanying us with passion on this exciting journey.

Mattarella's presence was also an important gesture, I thank him to name of the team. Matteo Berrettini, first Italian in history finalist at Wimbledon? You made us enthusiastic, we cheered for you as if you were our teammate.

Now don't stop dreaming because behind you there are millions of Italians. This bond made us feel like brothers of Italy, ready to do anything to answer the call of the country we love. " Italy manager Roberto Mancini said: "We are proud to be here.

In London, Monaco, Florence and Rome the Italians made us feel how strong the love for the national team is. We had a festive evening in which the country is finally back to huddle together. We are proud to have given moments of happiness, writing one of the most beautiful pages in the history of football.

This is the demonstration that when you believe in something, you can fulfill even a seemingly impossible dream. Matteo Berrettini? I want to congratulate him, we have suffered and rejoiced with him. I am sure he will return to Wimbledon and he will win too."