Chiellini and Bonucci- The best tandem of Italy ever?

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Chiellini and Bonucci- The best tandem of Italy ever?

It happened in the history of ancient Rome that this powerful state was ruled by two, sometimes even three people at the same time. And that generally did not bring any peace to Rome in the long run. On that same ground, two thousand years later, let there be another story.

Because Generals Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci not only can work together, but they have to work together, moreover - they can't do it separately. Synchronized to perfection, brave to the limits of the rational, noble to each other as if brothers were born.

Italy has had numerous masterful central defenders throughout history, we would even say that nowhere in the world were they created like in the master workshop of Serie A. But where, for example, Baresi and Maldini got stuck or Nesta and Cannavaro and many before them since 1968, Chiellini and Bonucci have passed.

Or Bonucci and Chiellini, either way, the two of them don't care. They have grown over the years, gaining much-needed experience for high-class defenders. Nine years ago, they suffered a heavy defeat from Spain in the final of the European Championship (4: 0), with Bonucci playing in tandem with Barzagli, and Chiellini being the left-back.

They learned that lesson in Italy and after the failures of Juventus in the Champions League. And from them was created - steel.

Great tandem

England caught them unprepared in the first attack of the final. After that, England needed binoculars to see Donnarumma, since they couldn't even get close to him.

The curiosity is that with the equalizing goal, Chiellini had a chance, but he did not manage to get out of the steel embrace of the guard, but then Bonucci appeared. Even in the attack, they had to take things into their own hands.

And, when Leonardo equalized, Giorgio then "cleaned" the back as if everything depended on him. Without a lost duel, without a lost ball, with a greater desire than the Apennines for the trophy "not to return home", but to walk a little where he was only once, but again more often than - "at home".

In short - the captain's performance of Giorgio Chiellini. Generals Chiellini and Bonucci. London came to them as a reward, like a crown for great careers. But, far from it, they have only now shone on the big stage. Three years ago, Jose Mourinho said about Juventus: "Mr.

Bonucci and Mr. Chiellini could give lectures at Harvard on how the central defender plays." Giorgio and Leonardo - generals that Julius Caesar would like to have with him…

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