Roy Keane and Garry Neville surprised by Southgate’s choice

"Sterling won trophies, they had to step forward and shoot before those children"

by Sead Dedovic
Roy Keane and Garry Neville surprised by Southgate’s choice

England will be buzzing for days, months, years, and judging by how often they play in the finals of the European Championship, then for decades, about the choice of penalties made by Gareth Southgate in the final with Italy.

Three players who came in from the bench missed and it was Rashford and Sancho who were deliberately put in to shoot, while the tragic player turned out to be a 19-year-old boy, Saka, who doesn't even shoot penalties at his club Arsenal!

Legendary Manchester United captain Roy Keane, who likes to "spit" whenever he can, stepped on Southgate, but also more experienced players because they let Saka "die" at that fifth last penalty. "If you're Sterling, if you're Grealish, you can't stay to watch a child (Saka) go to take a penalty before you.

You can't! You can't let go of a shy 19-year-old boy before you." "They are much more experienced, Sterling won trophies, they had to step forward and shoot before those children ", Keane thundered after the match on ITV, where he was a professional consultant.

Another former Manchester ace, Gary Neville, agreed with him. "When we saw Saka going to shoot a penalty, I'm sure we all expected Sterling or Grealish to be in his place. The order of the penalty takers should have been determined in training, and not on a voluntary basis at the last minute." "Penalties are being practiced, it was necessary to work on that in the last few days, so depending on the success, it will be determined who will shoot them, if necessary ", says Neville.

Neville and Keane on the penalties

The former United defender also emphasized the quality of the Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma. "Rashford did everything well, except for the final act. Sancho's penalty was such that the goalkeepers always defended it if they hit the side." "The same goes for Saka's kick.

Donnarumma is a great goalkeeper and if he goes to the right side, there are great chances that he will defend the penalty. He's big, "Neville explained. Roy Keane only disagrees with Neville's assessment that the players could have prepared for the penalty series and everything that goes with it.

"It's interesting to me when talking about how players can prepare for this situation through various data, sports science… But you can't make a replica of a situation like the penalty series in the European Championship final, when there are a lot of people in the stands and huge goalkeeper in front of you. As Mike Tyson says, "everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face."

Roy Keane Garry Neville